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PRU Doesn’t Disappoint

About a month ago we took on the journey of testing Polos-R-Us polos hoping to find something magical about this company. Boy, the polos did not disappoint. Caitlin Scheer created PRU and the company became very popular in, as she calls it, “a stroke of luck.” Started out of her home with the intention to fuel extra funds to support her three horses Kody, Paisley and Jersey, Caitlin never expected to be a fairly well known small business on Instagram. However, the quality of her handmade polos speak for themselves. Find below photos and reviews from Kait and Lily:

Kait: Every PRU polo is given the tender love and care any horse person would approve of, along with a price your wallet could approve of. With options galore and a fleece fabric that is not only durable but extremely moister wicking, PRU polos almost become undeniable. I bought the “Kodiak’s Midnight Blues” set, named in honor of her horse Kody that was saved from a kill pen in 2012. I didn’t think much beyond the style until, I spilt a coke in my car and tried to clean it up, to no avail! At the barn, as an open front boot type of person, I was surprised to see how much protection they provided and how cool they kept the horse’s legs. Over all, these polos are fashion forward, very moisture wicking, has quality durability, affordable and are heat conscious! Make sure to take a look at the PRU link after Lily’s review! IMG_1484

Lily: After many weeks of testing out my polos from Poloz R Us, I have nothing but wonderful things to say. These polos are made of a durable material that provides a sleek yet protective look to your horse. After using these polos 5 days a week for 5 weeks, there is little sign of wear. These polos definitely get 5 stars for durability! As well as being protective and durable, they are very customizable. You can choose the base color or pattern, the Velcro color, and even an add on ribbon of your choice. Allowing you to create the polos of your wildest dreams.


Take a look at the PRU site by clicking here!

Big news! The Frugal Rhode now has a limited time apparel line, click here!

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