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A Cookie Co. That Takes Best In Show

imageBest In Show Cookie Company started on June 3rd 2016 in California. All products used in these treats are locally sourced, fresh and preservative free in Sonoma County. Everything is made to order in house, guaranteed to meet your freshness standards! From ponies to pony pals, all members of the equestrian community can crunch on these tasty bits! Currently all treats are listed at $9 a bag. 

Lily: This is a brand that definitely stands by its name! I was able to try out the adorable pony doughnuts, or MGO Bites. In short, Charlie is obsessed. After the first taste he proceeded to nod his head and paw for more. He definitely approved! The shipping was very fast, and everything came packaged beautifully. I even took a small bite myself, and I can strongly say that Best In Show really knows what their doing when it comes to making horses happy.

Kait: From kitchen to hand, Best  In Show has successfully developed her cookies in a short amount of time. I got the opportunity to test out the Apple Oatmeal munchies, a fabulous star shaped treat that wowed my little pony friends. I quickly became popular at the turn outs with herds of hungry horses nickering for some munchies! I only have one draw back, that because there is not a preservative, the ponies and I can’t keep enjoying them after one week…but, then again, they were all given to spoiled horses in two days away! Obviously, Best In Show is going places, get on board before they become the next big thing!

Over all:

Quality: 10/10

Processing time: 1-2 days to ship, well within a week to get them

Price: $

 Buy here:

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  1. Grace says

    Just a heads up, you can freeze treats like this. Then they last longer than a few days.


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