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Perfectly Piper

Could Pipers possibly be perfect? SmartPak’s Piper breeches were recently suggested multiple times in a breech outreach this past month, resulting in my personal purchase of the tan and black pipers. Between the affordability and the quality, could they be one of the best breeches on the market?

SmartPak is a very popular equine retailer for most all disciplines and almost always has a deal or sale going on. Piper breeches were created by Smartpak and are currently listed at $79.95 USD, that’s a great deal considering the “more popular” breeches run between $140-300 USD. This is possibly the best balance ratio for price to quality I have seen in a piece of apparel.

Pipers are well priced and well built from top to bottom. The waistband is thin and stretchy with thick belt loops to hold any difficult belt in place. The slightly shallow front pockets are lined with swade to keep your items safe. The back pockets are shaped to outline the euro stitched seat. Although they were thought to be awkwardly small at first, my phone did stay in place with a super fussy OTTB trying to knock me out of my seat. The euro seat cut also presents a little bit of awkwardness on my body type through an illusion of a flat booty created byt the seams being outlined in black and “cutting” my rear in half horizontally. The pant itself is covered with little SmartPak and Piper logos and is accented with black stitching throughout the pant. The Piper’s fabric is very thick, yet stretchy–not a typical combination but, it does create a seal of heat without showing sweat too obviously. Personally, I am not the biggest fan of the way the fabric in the front creases around the zipper; it feels as though there is simply too much going on. Around the ankles, there is a thin fabric that keeps your legs cooler than the rest of you and doesn’t interfere with the fit of your boots.

Over all, I find Pipers to be a solid investment but, they may be better for the upcoming fall and winter months! The quality does outweigh the price making it a solid deal and a grade “B” in my book, even though it’s not the most flattering for my body type.

Review by Kait

Note: Tune in Thursday for our review on The Plaid Horse Mag’s newest tops! You can see little glipses of my new favorite tee in the photos above.

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