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Glad We Love Plaid

The Plaid Horse is a multiple media outlet magazine that was created to share the equestrian lifestyle. From fashion to feed, TPH writes detailed and expresive passages that get readers excited about a number of varying topics. This modern equestrian outlet has taken to social media and users have taken to it! Through apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, riders far and wide have put aside the time to download and read issues shared by The Plaid Horse Magazine. The wide audience is proof that taking the physical to digital, really does work!

TPH shipped The Frugal Rhode two brand new items in their “TPH Gear” section. Read what Kait and Lily had to say below!

Kait: My new merlot t-shirt and grey sweatshirt by TPH have simply stolen my heart. I first loved the short sleeve t-shirt, currently priced at $39. Made of a very thin, comfortable cotton it allows for great airflow on and off the horse. The very giving and conservative fit makes it equally comfortable and flattering on most body types. Then, the extremely soft grey pullover stole the show–it is beyond words at only $65. The sweater managed to be warm and cozy but, light and airy at the same time. If you needed a reason to actually do laundry, this is it. Personally, I am proud to say I have worn it nearly everyday! The dark grey color is also extremely versatile and a great neutral for all skin tones. Both items are fitted with a beautiful TPH logo on the front–very classy and stylish. Across the board, neither a seam was out of place nor an inch of comfort left unloved. Each item is also washer and drier friendly, making upkeep realistic and easy. Over all, from thread to trend, TPH mag’s newest gear is a must-have for every season!

Lily: My shirt and sweatshirt from The Plaid Horse Magazine are truly one of a kind. They are both incredibly stretchy and soft, not an itchy cotton. They make the PERFECT riding tops. The shirt and sweater are both thin, while remaining durable. The sweater makes a fabulous layering piece. I wore it recently over my white show shirt while schooling to keep it clean. I received many compliments on the way it looked. Over all I adore both articles, and will definitely be sporting them all season long!

Be sure to take a look at The Plaid Horse Mag online today!!

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