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Fall for FOAL

FOAL Equestrian is an up-and-coming Canadian brand of competitive and schooling English riding apparel. Among an array of options, you will find high end img_5097silicone grips, beautiful lace trims, and fancy stitching all at a fair price. Fun colors, patterns, and textures paint the face of FOAL and the bodies of their riders. If different is what you are looking for, you have found your brand!

Recently, FOAL sent over some “hush-hush” items that are being released for fall. They sent me and Lily a long sleeve shirt (S), riding tights (26), and a coat (M). And well, the cat is out of the bag! This fun and fashion forward ROOTD is a perfect youthful look, top to bottom for the fall.

img_5095The Top: This creative statement piece is out of this realm for comfort, fit, and flair! The spectacular fall quarter-zip should run true to size. I am in between a small and extra small but typically size up for the chest area. I found the size small to be a little wide on my shoulders but, the fabric stretchy enough to get away with an extra small instead of the pictured small. This shirt gives with size and with fun!  Lined with a sweatshirt-like material, it kept me warm on the rarest of chilly California days. The collar cut is very modern and sleek. Green and purple speckled horses cover the middle third of the shirt giving it a camouflage-like appearance from a far. The decorative center, lined by black fabric creates a “thinning” illusion making it safely flattering for all.

img_5094The Coat: Talk about cozy! This coat smothered me with warmth right away with the first wear. If you live in a chilly climate, this is a great option for you! The size I am wearing in the photo is a medium–I would suggest sizing one up from your shirt size for the ultimate comfort. This quilted black and purple piece adds a pop of flair or can cover the party you are wearing. The black body is slightly shiny on the back and front, but is mute on the sleeves, sides and hood. The F.O.A.L. logo is printed down the left sleeve in white in order to catch your eye. Pocket zippers, cuffs and the inner hood are all accessorized with a bright purple accent. In this jacket, the hood is spacious, the pockets are large and the cuffs have thumb holes so your hands stay nice a toasty! I would argue that no stone was life unturned for this jacket to happen.

The Tights: This item is apart of our basic breech guide and screams for dressage attention. I am pictured wearing a referenced size 26 above. I, again, run between sizes in this category and found my self with my usual particular issue of the waist being baggy and the legs fitting. If  you are between sizes like me, size down, this fabric is as stretchy as it can get. These full-seat tights are super fun, extremely “grippy”, and very stretchy. The waistband is lined on the inside with a lime green color to contrast the olive outside. Like most tights, they lack belt loops and pocket space in the front. There are, however, little pockets in the front that could easily store a chapstick for then the weather takes a toll on your lips. The rear pockets are very unique. As you can see from the photo above, they are different colors. At first, it did bother me, but after a while, I enjoyed the modern element it gave. The best modern feature would have to be the silicone grips all over the legs. From car seat to saddle seat, you do NOT move. This is a dream for any dressage rider. Though you will get dirty and you will have to wash off the grips, its beyond worth the effort. Take a solid look at the pictures above because the silicone design is so unique!

Over all, these pieces from Fall FOAL are great items to bring to the barn this fall. The FOAL brand is what to wear if you want to stand out amongst the crowd! Some similar items you may fall in love with on their site are the “Quilt Combi” jacket for $69.30 and the “Tripple Vented Tights” for $110. Don’t be surprised if that combi jack in blue and black ends up being a staple piece for my fall looks!

Note: Make sure to stay tuned for Lily’s review of her FOAL ROOTD!

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