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Begin With Jin

Wild Group is a multifaceted company dealing in mechanics, but is best known amongst equestrians for their company Jin Stirrup. In 2001, Jin revolutionized the equestrian world with the release of their light weight, high quality aluminum stirrup irons. Instantly, they became the trendy must-have among equestrians. But, it raises the question: Are they worth the hype?


About a month ago, Jin sent me a pair of Titan Jin Stirrup irons that retail €194.00 without custom engraving. Straight from the box I was already beyond excited. In person, the sleek and modern yet, classic design is jaw dropping. However, I immediately began wondering how big of an adjustment it was going to be for me to get used to them. From little hunter irons to the masculine and eye-drawing Jin, it took less than half a ride to adjust. The inclined and elongated spiked pad provided maximum grip and stability to really drop into your heals. But pretty and solid doesn’t always mean durable. In this case, however, it does. The high grade aluminum and oxidized coating should have taken a beating when my trainee decided to have a baby fit and push me up against a metal fense while working but, it didn’t even scratch the surface let alone dent like my others. Comparatively speaking, any iron can do its job safely and comfort is all about personal preference but, you can’t really understand the power of stability until you step into a Jin Stirrup.

Confidence in the saddle is key, safety in your seat is everything. Though a pricey investment, the technology and feel speak the reasons themselves making them worth every word of hype. Go find a friend to let you try their Jin Stirrups–you may never go back to standard again!

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