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Finally FITS

Finally, a breech to depend on. FITS breeches have changed the breech game forever. These breeches feature a super stretchy, flattering, and durable material with a segmented full seat. The full seat is made of deer skin creating a very comfortable amount of grip in the saddle. The segmented seat allows you to have the excellent security of a full seat breech without hendering movement and flexibility in the saddle. This feature makes FITS perfect for and discipline.

The lovely thing about FITS is that they are durable enough for a long day of riding and many barn chores. They keep their shape and seem indestructible. They wash easily, but should not be washed after every ride. Now, all of these features do come at a price. FITS are available on for $229.95. However, I highly recommend checking out Ebay and try to find a lightly used pair. Over all, I adore these breeches. Their only downfall is their price. You are definitely paying for the quality of these breeches!  I 10/10 recommend these fabulous breeches!

xoxo- Lily

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