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The Forever Oak Curve

Forever Oak Equestrian international apparel company is based on creating the perfect product for every rider. Very popular amongst eventers, this particular brand has gained a lot of ground in a fairly short amount of time. This company is one of the easiest that I have worked with; professional, curtious, and quick on getting their breeches out!

Last week, Forever Oak sent over a pair of their Eminence Beige Competition  Breeches (tan and navy), currently listed at £70. I will say, it is extremely hard to get your hands on a pair of anything on Forever Oak’s site since they sell out so fast! However, it is worth keeping your eye open for a restock. Upon opening the mail I was instantly excited about these breeches. Between the clever logo placement and the four way stretch fabric, you can tell how they will fit and feel. From top to bottom these breeches copy your curves and mold to your movements. The waistband is a single hook button with a very thin lining for a belt–not that you will need one (I didn’t even have a thin enough one). The fit is so malleable because of the four way stretch that your waist will be happy and breathable all ride long. Flattering seams and knee patches with navy arrow grips create a super sleek, flattering look. Speaking of grips, these synthetic knee patches do a lovely job of being just right on slip factor. Below the knee, the fit loosens up quite a bit and does become fairly baggy leading to the ankle. There are thin “socks” around the ankles that are extremely breathable and makes the all in one sock and breech taking off process so much easier.

Over all, the affordable Forever Oak breeches are very modest for the curvy rider or those looking for a fabulous stretch. Classic in color, fit, and comfort, I argue that these breeches are one forgiving piece that every equestrian needs!

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