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In Love with Romfh

I stumbled across Romfh through my very good friends at Centerline (use the code: TheFrugalRhode for 20% off) and the love affair began. This company is based out of the United States and was created by it’s founder Laura Romfh whom was only 25 at the time. With design school under her belt and horses by her side, an empire was born. From sleek show shirts to a classic logo, its easy to find yourself cheating on your old apparel with everything Romfh!

My first purchase was the International Full Seat Breeches in dove grey from Centerline that currently retails for $140. Heed my only warning, if you have decently bigger than normal thighs, booty or are between sizes, size up on this particular style. Dressage stars, hear my only plead, you need these breeches. Though I am a jumper, every good rider knows that getting basic dressage movements mastered with your horse is essential to having a healthy and productive partnership. And well, since dressage is essential, obviously a cute pair of breeches with fabulous gripping power is equally important. These breeches are low maintenance; just wipe off that dust, wash it on cold, and dry it on low. The waistband gives a fair amount of stretch so you can breathe while riding. Front pockets blend in nicely and are fairly deep. Any creases from your tucked in shirt are concealed by the thick yet stretchy breech material. Rough out full leg grip is what keeps you in the tack and keeps you warm, but not to the point where you are swimming in sweat. These breeches allow just the right amount of freedom for movement in the saddle–you aren’t glued but, you wont fall off. The little detailed logos and perfectly stitched seams create a classic look that is more than flattering. Regarding color, my dove grey breeches I think give perfect contrast to any look and it is easy to match to any color top. However, as you can see from their site, Romfh has MANY flattering and fun colors.

Speaking of color, my favorite breeches by Romfh are the Sarafina Euro Seat that retail for $170. From sepia to azure, you get a great color selection to choose from–I currently live in my navy breeches in case you were wondering. From the International to the Sarafina, you have two completely different fabrics and stretch factors. Think of it like the difference between a jean “jegging” and a yoga legging, with the Sarafina being the legging. Everything about this breech is maximum stretch and comfort, top to bottom. No matter what size or shape you are, these breeches work with you so that you’re preforming your best. The fabric is smooth, thin, and extremely light weight, perfect for every weather condition. The cut of the breech truly is one of the best and most flattering I have seen. The double slide front buttons with the triple back belt loops are two of my favorite features on theses breeches. Another is the little metal tag on the first left belt loop with the Romfh logo on it! Again, no shirt or panty line will show if you have the right fit. Make sure if you’re between sizes like me, that you size down! See below for the booty shots of how the 26 espresso fit versus the 24 navy.

At the end of the day, I am unashamed about my addiction to Romfh. Quality and price are equal in this case, making them a great great investment. Even their coats look absolutely stunning (I may or my not need one for the Fall Fashion Frenzy!!)  I am proudly obsessed over all of the Romfh products and plan to buy MANY more in the future; you should too.


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