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A Diamond Burning Bright

Aztec Diamond Equestrian was started a short while ago in 2014 by Jordan McCabe. Since then, this little UK based equestrian apparel brand has skyrocketed and has taken over the virtual horse world. No rider active on social media can deny the fact that Aztec Diamond is everywhere. But is it rightfully so? Could it be that Aztec is a fleeting flame or is it a fire burning brightly in the night? After all, it is very rare for a company to take off the way McCabe’s has. From competition wear to couch attire, Aztec has reached every end of the spectrum and branded it with the Aztec Diamond insignia.

A few months back, I made it a mission to get Aztec Diamond on board for The Basic Breech guide. Turns out that I didn’t need much perusing to get them to partner with The Frugal Rhode. Right away a very helpful and sweet Jordan was all over the idea of the reviews! By the way, it is SO rare for the owner of a blossoming company to directly email you back. Anyway, Jordan sent over her Stone Technical Breeches, currently listed for £80.00 GBP and her Black Technical Stretch Base Layer, currently listed at £35.00 GBP (see Instagram for the photo—review to come). To be truthful, I was expecting to be slightly underwhelmed like I usually am with most products, but these breeches are unlike anything I have ever owned. The fabric is different than most; not super soft to the touch but, it is smooth. Don’t worry though, your legs will thank you later when you’re riding. Every pair of breeches is lined with an extremely soft moisture wicking fabric that runs all the way to the ankles (take a look at the Toms shot above). GENIOUS. Why this hasn’t been done before, I will never understand. These breeches are durable and stain resistant on the outside but, like an airy silk nighty on the inside. Aztec breeches might be a metaphor for my personality? Anyway, from top to bottom, you will be satisfied with your purchase. The waistband is breathable, the loops are well spaced, and the hook button fastens are solid. Aztec Diamond’s logo is stitched into the back right pocket, sown on a tag on the front left pocket, and the extra wide look on the back has the company’s name. The seam stitching and curved pockets are very flattering designs that add a little edge. However, they do go beyond the look. These stiches are purposefully made for YOUR ease of movement. Take a close look at the photos and you can see a triangle at the exterior bend of the knee. That little area takes fabric pressure off of your knee, allowing your breeches to work with you and not against you. The interior knee design is also another hidden tool. These ultra grippy arrows are placed purposefully to help your leg position and keep your socks from slipping in or out of your boots. Talk about consideration. Though a fabulous everyday product, I would consistently show in these particular breeches because from fabric to color to cut, they are so elegant and classy. Plus, the Stone Technical Breeches are a beautiful light grey instead of a bright white, making you stand out in the ring in a way you wouldn’t expect. Although the colors are limited in this company, the ones available are all you realistically need to match everything. Plus, when they release new colors for any product, they break the internet overnight and that’s perfect way to build your business, to keep them guessing.

Jordan at Aztec Diamond Equestrian, sincerely does have something so special going here; it is that diamond in the sky burning brightly. Actually, I find it really difficult for me to NOT have something negative to say about a product–it is literally my job to point out things you might hate. If anything, these Technical Breeches are on the pricier end, but they are worth the amount you spend and I am a super frugal buyer. This is one company that has the basics nailed and never goes too crazy to keep people interested. These are the products that make you want to scream, “I WILL TAKE ONE IN EVERY COLOR, PLEASE.” If I could make my closet an Aztec Diamond Equestrian funnel, I would and I would be comfy all the days of my life. That’s how much I love their products. Give them the chance you have been waiting to take because the proof is in the mark Aztec Diamond has already made!

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