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Pipers Breeches by Smartpak


Could you ask for a harder working breech? The Piper breeches by Smartpak are flattering while remaining durable. The material is a medium thickness, making it perfect for any season. These pants are breathable enough for the summer while staying thick enough for the winter. These breeches have a fabulous price point at $79.95 making them easy on your wallet. I typically wear my Pipers to the barn when I know I will be doing barn chores, bathing, or feeding. Because of the price, I really don’t mind if they get a little stained. I will say that most of the stains easily come out with a single wash. I’ve spilled oily hoof dressing on my Pipers before and you can’t even tell! I am beyond impressed with the material.  After numerous washes and rides these breeches hold their shape very well. My older pair of Pipers have started to stretch out in the knee a bit, but that is the only sign of wear. Pipers fit true to size, so I would recommend going with your normal size. Smartpak offers an incredible free return shipping program on all sized items, so no worries if they don’t fit quite right! In conclusion, these breeches are a must for me. At their low price point and all the fun color options, they are too fun to have just one!

xoxo, Lily


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