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BVertigo- The Best Breech


BVertigo breeches are truly one of a kind. The material is durable without being thick. Out of all of my breeches, these definitely hold their shape the best. After multiple wears (for two and a half years) and washes there is absolutely no sign of wear. Not even the dark navy color has faded! There are only two downsides to these breeches. First of all, they are quite long. I am 5’6 and they are still long! This causes some bunching at the bottom, but it’s not a huge deal. Second of all is the price. I bought my BVertigo breeches from a local tack store for $199. Even with this hefty price, I truly believe they are worth every cent! Every time I wear these breeches I receive tons of compliments. BVertigo makes the most flattering breech around.img_1989

xoxo, Lily

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