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TS Nostalgia

Every rider has had pivotal moment when they transition from tights to their first pair of breeches. For me and most riders I know, those statement breeches were Tailored Sportsmans.

Currently retailing for roughly $190, Tailored Sportsman remains a corner stone in most english rider’s wardrobe, despite the high list prices. So, if they aren’t cutting edge or cheap, why did I purchase them? Buying these forest green Hunter Trophy breeches sent me on a nostalgic spree of childhood pony days and made me feel the same way I felt as a kid when tried them on first, classy. From top to bottom these breeches are an essential pant for any english rider. Ample and well spaced beltloops, double hook buttons, and a very discreetly placed logo makes for the perfect classic breech for your collection. The thick yet extremely giving fabric hides all of your shirt wrinkles and allows you to feel free in the saddle. Contrasting knee patchs add a subtle flair without overwhelming the clean and conservative look. There are front pockets and I am glad there are NOT back ones. Many companies transitioned to the euro seat and euro shaped pocket look. For this particular breech, adding back pockets would be too much for the style. The only update that Tailored Sportsman should make for these breeches would be to update the ankles. Velcro bottoms, I feel, are out of date. I think a thin ‘sock’ would be the perfect upgrade to TS and that’s it. Don’t fix what’s not broken.

Arguably TS breeches are the standard in the US, you don’t want less than they give but, you could want more. At the end of the day, there is something uniquely different about Tailored Sportsman. Whether it’s the simplicity or childhood memories that makes them a key component to a rider’s wardrobe, that’s for you to decide.

Note: find this breech at any tack shop! Calabasas Saddlery is my go to, check their Instagram to learn about worldwide shipping!


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  2. These are my favs. I have a diverse selection of breeches, but something about the old standard TS just feels right. And I swear they seem to look clean even if they’re not.


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