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DIY Groom

We all know that grooms always have everything a rider needs and the things we don’t have. But, why do we let that happen? Grooming promotes a positive attitude, good health, and a strong relationship between horse and rider. Now, I’m not going to turn this into a rant about why you shouldn’t have a daily groom. Instead, let’s talk about what you should have and do inorder to get a professional look every time! Read to the bottom for prices and my recommended tote.


Feet Care

  1. Buy separate hoof pick and hoof brush. Combined tools may be cheap but, they waste quickly.
  2. Scrub walls of hooves with brush, avoid coronet band.
  3. Hoof pick and brush: Pick hooves, obviously avoiding the frog, but scrub. Really get the pebbles, the poop, and the foreign objects. Brush out frequently to make sure you have everything cleared.
  4. Check for cracks, chips, thrush, and frog sensitivity. Call farrier and/or vet immediately if any puss, cuts, or pain are present.
  5. Water spray and hoof brush: Spray lower legs and hooves with water. Brush the water off the legs with a soft bristle brush. Scrub off remaining dirt and continue to wet hooves. Wet soles as well.
  6. Shur Hoof: Wait until water is almost dry. Apply Shur Hoof to walls, coronet band, and soles. I only recommend this brand. I know gitter is great and pretty but, it doesn’t stay, isn’t as healthy, and rats will eat at your horse’s hooves or bedding.


Body Grooming

  1. Rubber curry comb: big and small circles going against the direction that the hair it’s growing. Avoid the face and legs.
  2. Cactus cloth: scrub and problem areas and legs.
  3. Stiff bristle brush: short, tough brush strokes with the direction the hair is growing.
  4. Herbal Horse Shine Bright: spray at a distance to avoid wet patches.
  5. Soft body brush: wipe down body and then the face (that way you don’t have to spray your horse in the face).
  6. Note: make sure to get in all the folds, bends, and creases. Double check for cuts or bites, if there is anything, put on a gob of the Herbal Horse Quick Heal.

Mane and Tail

  1. Soft bristle brush: comb through from tip to root.
  2. Pick apart any knots, tangles, or mattes with your fingers.
  3. Shine Bright Spray: apply ample amount of spray throughout hair. Both sides.
  4. Body brush: brush in the spray.
  5. Healthy Hair: take a large amount of the balm and rub it around in your hands. Comb through with hands, especially work the roots.
  6. Soft bristle brush: work the hair until there is no trace of the balm left.
  7. Flip the mane over and back for each step.
  8. Repeat for tail.
  9. Note: pick through hair with hands and soft/body brushes only. Avoid flat brushes or ones similar to those. If needed and 100% necessary, buy a bamboo brush for the oils and start from bottom moving up to the roots. Gently.

All of your products should be either organic or medical. Even though I don’t have a specific brand of brush I like, always pick horse hair to avoid irritation. The more thorough you are the better! Grooming is a communal act that builds a bond. Be kind and careful with your horse! He or she knows that they look good so, they will feel good too. Take your time and have all of your tools, you owe it to your partner! Herbal Horse’s prices are amazing and worth your dime. Everything else is easily found at quality prices on Amazon.


Where to keep these goodies: My favorite grooming tote is the one from Noble Outfitters. It is pricey in thought with a retail value of $54. However, I cannot begin to explain the value it holds. If you’re looking for ample space and pockets with easy clean material, this is the tote for you. There are two covered pockets and seven uncovered (one side is large enough for a phone, wallet, and keys alone). In the covered pockets, I hold my 24/7 emergency items: my pocket knife and my thermometer kit (thermometer, disposable covers, aloe vera for inserting, and alcohol wipes to sanitize). There are three sections to keep your grooming goods in this bag. All of that organizing is up to your preference, but I will say, spray bottles are best in the middle. You should always have towels in one of those spacious pockets for emergencies and to clean sensitive areas of the face. Also, you can hang your bag anywhere or carry it any way. I enjoy using mine as a crossbody to keep up with the baby. Best part of this tote? It’s way too easy to clean! The tuff mesh bottom and water resistant material makes hosing off dirt and debris effortless! Nothing else measures up.

Happy Grooming!!

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