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Millbrook Stirrup Leathers

Millbrook Leathers is a company new to the equestrian scene, and have quickly made it to the top. Most would think that all stirrup leathers are the same. Honestly, I did too until I discovered Millbrook! They combine technology with fine leather to bring you the best stirrup leather on the market.


The leathers feature a wider base to promote leg stability. The wider base is only on the front part of the leather that comes in contact with your leg, so no need to worry about them not fitting your saddle. I actually find these leathers to be the ideal thickness. They are a medium thickness allowing them to be supple while retaining their shape. The thickness and width of the leather cover more of the leg, locking you into a secure position. These are a fabulous option for both dressage and Hunter/Jumper/Cross country riders. They keep your leg in a proper and secure position while over fences and prevent it from swinging back. As for dressage, they keep your leg stable and assist in elongating the leg. Not to mention they make your saddle look very fancy! The leathers are very reasonably priced at $149 USD and can be found at . Overall I give these beautiful leathers a 10 across the board. They are affordable, fantastically made, elegant, and they actually work. I will never use another again!


xoxo- Lily

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