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The Haltered Class

20×60 is a soon-to-be skyrocketing equestrian company that sources and creates the best for horse and rider. Their dedication to a contemporary yet, classic look with an athletic feel, surely sends them far beyond the efforts of their competition. From stitch to seam their choice of quality and practicality is oozing from their leather goods.

Imported from the Netherlands, 20×60’s Premiera Vienna Halter feels and performs just as well as good as it looks. Retailing for $119.95 this stunning halter has all the flash and all the class that your horse needs from show day to every day. From leather to thred, this piece beams with pride because it is absolutely worth every cent from your piggy bank. Ranging from brown to black on black, there is surely a classic color to flatter your four-legged friend. Personally, the black and white halter both flatters and comforts my adorable yearling, Autumn. The fancy white stitching contrasted against the supple black leather and silver hardware will create a perfect, classy frame to any horse’s face. Braided leather doubles as the physical noseband while fashioning a timeless, signature look. A double buckle crown allows you to have versatility in haltering your horse. All the while, there are multiple adjustment possibilities for a custom fit. Plus, the padding gives your horse complete comfort even before you’ve adjusted for the best fit. Best part is, just like your saddle or bridles, halters like this simply grow more beautiful with age. Though ready to wear straight from the box, this piece will continue to amaze you as it breaks in even more than you thought possible. Whether weening your horse off of relying on his left side or simply teaching a young filly how to become comfortable with the basics of being bridled, this halter works with you and your partner for a lifetime. Take it with you everywhere you go and I can guarantee you will be the most stylish pair there!

For leather good, the Premiera Vienna Halter has, quite literally, the most fantastic quality to price ratio I have seen come across The Frugal Rhode table. Once Autumn sizes out of her pony stage, there will most definitely be a horse sized halter waiting with her name on it! If you were looking to spoil the equestrian in your life, I would argue this halter will make a huge splash, even with the richest of riders.


Take a look online tonight! They have a 10% off sale until midnight when using he code ‘HOORAY’!

Stay classic equestrians!


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