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Training Advantage

Advantage Horsemanship is a company started by known and respected clinician, Scott Purdum. He is an experienced horsemanship instructor along with being skilled in both the English and Western disciplines. Purdum decided to combine the training methods of English and Western with natural horsemanship to help better the bond between horse and rider. Since then, Purdum’s methods and tools, based off of trust and respect, have been proven to recreate even the most troubled of horses. Spanning all levels of challenging horses and the sphere of Youtube, Advantage Horsemanship has created a crucial balance of dominance and companionship through their teachings and methods.

Advantage sent over The Advantage Horsemanship Bitless Halter, retailing $34.95  few months back to review. At the time, I was working with some very spicy horses that had particular needs to get under saddle and I was looking for something affordable and adjustable for Autumn as well. This was the product! Yes that is right, the big OTTB’s that I was caring for could use this as a bridle, just as easily as my yearling filly could for a halter. I apologize in advance for not having photos of the anxious horses performing with this piece but, I can tell you, it worked wonders for the anxious and sensitive horses I was riding! This halter is made of a very thin yet stiff rope creating a flexible, comfortable, and adjustable fit. The knots on the “noseband” aren’t just for looks! They work as a little bit of encouragement for the horse to NOT fight the halter. This is done by using the horse’s pressure points on either side of its nose to discourage rowdy behavior gently. This works wonders for horses that usually avoid the bit by lifting their head or  like to turn. Another point of pressure is the twisted poll piece. This disrupts the ease of tucking, rooting, and lifting through poll pressure. Remember that fit is everything! Purdum says, “it should fit like a pair of glasses”, high on the horse’s face. The poll piece should also sit snug behind the ears for the best results and to avoid any pain. But how does it go from halter to bridle? Simple really, you unhook your lead rope from the knot and then attach your reins. The chin strap underneath has two medal loops on both sides of the nose. These are the points in which you attach your reins and can get riding!

img_5577Truthfully, this bit-less halter/bridle is the perfect introduction to pressure for your horse and a great aid to a horse that fights the bit. The ease of adjustment and the simplicity of the design create a fabulous look and makes it ideal for your quickly growing young horse! If your current methods of training aren’t working, if your looking to shake this up, or if you want to have a more respectful bond with your four legged partner, take a look at what Scott Purdum is doing at Advantage Horsemanship!

Happy Training My Friends!

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