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Modestly Simple

Comfort, functionality, and style. When creating a simple yet elegant outfit, one doesn’t often think of bringing it to the barn. Just like one doesn’t think about layers being the double edged sword of fall.

The key for this look is based of the Noble Outfitter’s Premier Fleece Vest. Adding a vest to most any outfit creates a way to keep cool and stay toasty all at once. After all, there is nothing worse than disassembling your perfect fall outfit because of a heatwave. So, here is one of my solutions for days that are chilly but, not so cold that you need a jacket the whole time while riding.

The Base: Here I have my favorite basic top. Created by one of my favorite companies, Noble Outfitters the Hailey Long Sleeve Crew shirt is form fitting and moisture wicking, perfect for layers.  Retailing at $34.95 buy every color your heart desires, guilt free. Your wardrobe will appreciate this classic, basic top just as much spectators will. You will find that unless it is a quarter zip, I only ride in crewnecks simply because, no one wants the girls popping out. Don’t trust those scoop or v-necks…no matter how strapped down you may feel. This long sleeve is also glove friendly. I prefer cleanest look I can get with my clothing so, the thin fabric with thumb holes allows me to tuck my sleeves into the gloves, assuring they will not become bunched at the top. Keep it contained this fall…like that fresh pony your trying to ride.

The Vest: Sent in personally by Noble Outfitters, the Premire Fleece Vest retailing at $99.95 is a game changer. Riders are accustomed to big, fluffy $250 vests keeping them warm in the cooler seasons but, let this be true no longer. Fleece is an affordable option to keeping warm, not to mention it allows designers to actually fit a shape into it. The quilted design and slight flare make this piece feminine and sporty. The cut and colors create an edgy pop while still allowing modesty for your other pieces in the ensemble. Don’t turn yourself into a marshmallow this year, layer up with this insulating and fully mobile vest. You will thank your instincts and your trainer will thank you later. After all, how can you tell how great your position looks with a couple dozen truffled feathers on you?

The Breeches: As you all know very well, the Sarafina Breeches by Romfh are the stunning savior of my every day fashion. Between the comfort level and the durability, your body can literally feel the worth of these breeches. Though they retail at $169.95, I firmly believe they are worth every penny. Plus, you can read below for a solid discount. While stretchy and flattering, these breeches have a simply elegant design about them with great attention to detail. Their immense color selection makes it’s easy to take a bright or neutral color breech, pair it with a black vest, and compatible long sleeve shirt to create your ideal look. Their personal breech color of the season is their classy spruce green! Get as fun as you want because these all weather breeches will keep up not only with your ride, but also your fashion statements. Dare to be you in the Sarafina breech!


img_5609Take 20% off your purchase at Centerline Style using ‘TheFrugalRhode‘.

Stay tuned for more later invested outfits! Keep it simple equestrians!


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