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Talk About Majyk

The Frugal Rhode has been working with Majyk since the start of the blog so, we have an intimate (but still unbiased) understanding of this company and its products. Made by riders for horses, Majyk Equipe is motivated by one thing only, creating the best protective gear possible. Created from cutting edge and high-tech materials, Majyk prides itself on having items with strict standards and quality production. Neoprene and plastic are off limits. Every item is created to bend and breathe with its athlete so, there is no room for insulating or stiffening materials. No corner is cut but, the prices are. Each staff member personally strives to better the equine world with affordable yet, high grade items.

A few months back, Majyk Equipe sent over their Boyd Martin Stadium Jump Boot from the Genuine Leather series. Retailing at $129.99 hind and $179.99 front, this price point is something your showing budget can be happy about. At first look, these sleek and contrasted black boots are simply stunning. Shaped closure tabs, white stripes, little Majyk logos, and 100% genuine leather…what more could we ask for?

Clean lines, curved back, and contrasting details, these boots silently boast their sleek, sophisticated, and timeless look. The straps are black, contrasted with white stripes with tabs that are also black, contrasted with white Majyk logos. These are very easy to close and will not stretch out very quickly. All though, that can be a slight problem for sensitive horses that may need some give. Since they are stiffer than other brands to ensure longevity, just remember that you need to fit one finger in the boot. The shell is completely crafted in high quality Argentinean leather. This leather is naturally thicker, more durable, and is often found in high end retailing, such as sports cars and expensive briefcases. This specific leather makes the shell sturdy enough to stand on its own without the need for artificial supports like wood or plastic (common in lower level companies). This also adds to the comfort and flexibility factor for your trusted stead.

The most important comfort factor in this boot is the liner. Created from ultra-cushioned, impact resistant, and breathable foam with ARTi-LAGE technology, your horse’s legs will be protected no matter how hard the rub. ARTi-LAGE technology works to dispel the impact that a may happen when running a course. This strike barrier is malleable up until the material is disrupted by impact. Once hit, it hardens to prevent injury and then returns to its original state to keep up with your horse’s movements. Also, this liner is soft to prevent chaffing, breathable to keep the tendons cool, and removable to make cleaning a breeze.

Upkeep for the boots is very simple and promotes good hygiene. All you have to do is remove the inners and hand wash them. Once dry, reattach them to the Velcro. Boom. Done. Leather care is also easy. Simply use a bit of water and some saddle soap to keep up with the dirt and grime.

img_5550Weather needed for daily practice, the equitation ring, or Grand Prix jumping, these boots have been put to the test and trusted by many noteworthy riders. The  durability will stand the test of time and the technology will ensure that your horse will too. Often the highest prices don’t always mean the best for your horse. But, you are to judge for that!

Stay Majykal Riders! 


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