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3/4th The Difference

The spring of 2016 sprung the newest trend in US equestrian: wide base leathers. Through a partnership with Atelier Pravins Sellier, the French crafter of this stunning creation, Millbrook Leathers was born. Alexia Honegger, a jump trainer based out of Colorado, took the initiative to revolutionize how Americans ride and, being the only North American distributer, Millbrook Leathers has simply blossomed.

A few months back, Alexia from Millbrook sent in a pair of her leathers. They share every quality that a rider is looking for: durability, sophistication, and value. Retailing at $149 their price differnace is $50-$150 less than other brands. But, being different is what makes them excellent. The brown leathers are simply stunning. Stitched with white thread and pressed with “Pravins Sellier” to make a bold yet, elegant statement out of saddle. In saddle, they are perfectly tucked behind your leg and one would ever know that’s your secret to how your leg look so still, so quickly. The handcrafted, stiff French leather throws any rider for a loop the first ride. Most saddles are fashioned with soft, supple leathers but, don’t take those qualities as positve. Soft means that they stretch and won’t mold to your leg. Because of how stiff and strong Millbrook Leathers are, they bend, shape, and form to your leg. Plus, over time, they don’t develop any deep groves, marks, or scrapes that are notable. These leathers do break in well over time, clean up easily, and get the job done right.

But, what exactly does the wide panel do? The front of the leathers, where the classy Pravins logo is pressed in, is ¾ of an inch thicker than the leathers you currently ride in. Meaning, your leg has 75% more surface area to lay in and 75% more of a chance to look great. Although, your first ride will make you feel like your leg is in the wrong spot or that you look stiff, neither thing is happening. Instead, you’re just not flopping around and your leg isn’t in a different country, which is okay—I promise.  It won’t be instant to get your leg back to the spot you had it before but, trust your leathers and muscle memory. By the end of the ride, you will realize just how spectacular it was. As someone who already had a very steady leg, it begins to feel like you’re being held in place and that your horse could do a back flip but, you wouldn’t budge. Not to mention that if you loose an iron, its right there waiting for you instead of doing a death spin away from your foot. Whether dressage or jumping, you can be guaranteed that you’re looking more stable and feeling more secure right out of the gate.

Make sure you take good care of these. Lather up your leathers with olive oil or conditioner, clean them often, and if you have pointed irons, DON’T pull you leathers through them. If you do forget and scrape them, all you have to do is condition them again. The marks disappear before your eyes. Also, if you are worried about the color, just darken them. These beauties changes shades like you wouldn’t believe.

Honestly what have you got to lose?  Enhance the look of your set up and your ride. Perform better than ever before.

img_5671Stay different riders!

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