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Devine Decals

Braids N Bonnets is a Texas based braiding and custom horse product company. Though based off of custom horse bonnets and show braiding, BnB also has some amazing vinal decals. Whether custom, breed, monogrammed, Braids and Bonnets has your sticker whimsy covered.

A while back The Frugal Rhode revived two value packs to review and at $15 a pop, these neat stickers made a splash. In each pack there are 10 stickers: three one inch, three one and a half inch, three two inch, and one four inch stickers. Talk about a deal–10 stickers at the value of $22.50 for $15. Monogram customization shapes are circle, oval, curly, hook, and diamond all in a beautiful spectrum of colors. Below are the reviews by Lily and Kait! Read all the way down forbes a discount!

Lily: I do not have enough wonderful things to say about the Braids N Bonnets vinyl monograms. They are durable and stylish. The monogram on my bucket and brush have been on there for weeks now and haven’t shown a single sign of wear. They are water resistant, and never fail to loose their shine. Even when brushing and collecting lots of dust, the brush monogram has stayed shiny and bright. These vinyls are fabulously priced making it easy to personalize all of your items. I love using these vinyls on my show gear so I can mark what is mine in a classy way and reduce lost items. I give Braids N Bonnets vinyl monograms a 10/10 all around!

Kait: From color to cut, these decals hit the mark. Between buckets and water bottles, these stickers look just as good today as the day they were mailed over! Things are easily miss placed at the barn so, I bought a bright orange bucket and used the 4″ hanoverian decal to keep track. The stickers have stood the test of baby horses and the barn. I also used these decals for tagging my water bottles too. My family tracks our water bottle usage and I was so surprised to see that even with condensation, the sticker did not bubble up and fall off! I look forward to seeing more of these breed decals on Instagram! Some other ways I used these stickers to clean up my organization was a bill box, medical folder, and first aid kit! I can’t wait to start marking them with PRE and TB! Overall, these stickers are incredibly high quality and I commend Braids N Bonnets on the fine work!

TFR15 for 15% off all vinyl decals. Expires Dec 1.

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