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Face of Fortitude

Invictus Equestrian is a company that you don’t yet know about but, need in your life. Their up and coming cutting edge and high-tech products are created with you and your horse in mind. Invictus is a rare company that goes the distance for you, no matter how difficult the barriers. With a mantra of doing better, never settling, and a passionate pursuit of modern comfort, you will never go back to your plush saddle pad.

A few months back Invictus sent over their Invictus Necesse Pad that retails for around $250 depending on the tack store you’re looking at. I will tell you now that this company is worth every dime. I suffer from severe lower back pain due to a genetic condition that has improved with building muscle. I thought I was built up enough to be over my back pain, that is, until I started riding Malibu. Other anxious horses I had ridden didn’t require as much control out of my seat. Even with a popular brand that was supposed help relive the pain with a condensed foam pad, I could barely walk or sit down the days following my rides. Invictus has essentially saved my back through their patented D3O® XT Mesh technology.

D3O® XT Mesh and the pad design itself works wonders for both horse and rider. While considering the protection, comfort, and safety of the ride, D3O® was created. This material is literally outperforming military grade impact reducers. The pad is soft and flexible until impact is made; harder the impact, the harder the mesh becomes. Immediately after firming up, the gel like mesh returns to it’s malleable state. I initially feared that this mesh would inadvertently take the pressure that both horse and rider feel and send it up through the saddle into my back. However, through research and testing I came to personally know that this pad contains the pressure both parties would have felt. The D3O® XT Mesh’s function helps to control and to disperse the impact away from your spine and reduce pressure points along your mount’s. Similarly, this pad’s noise reducing purposes also helps to eliminate the staticky communication between seat and stead.

img_5478Thick, bulky, and squishy. You wouldn’t think that this could be very confusing for your horse since it’s like a pillow but, it’s like putting your saddle on a water bed, you move a bit and everything is off set and moving. At the same time it’s similar to putting your saddle on a rock, unbalanced, no contact. Trust me, these pads look cute  but, it’s ruining your communication in a ride more than you realize. 1″ to 2″ fluff vs 1.1 cm of smart material, how is it that better? First, your saddle fit isn’t compromised by Invictus where as thick foam may. Unnecessary padding off sets even the best of saddle fits through too much being present and limiting movement. Plus, ill fitting saddles typically make for unhappy. Second, when you ride, you control your horse off of deliberate impulses and cues. Invictus helps to minimize the extra movements that you make between cues and illuminates the unavoidable, accidental movements your saddle makes while balancing on fluff. The lack of noise being felt by your horse allows for clearer communication and a relaxed horse. Even if you think you’re ride is perfect or your cues are clear, I can guarantee you will feel the difference true comfort makes. Invictus gives you the close contact feel without losing neither the protection your horse’s back needs nor the style of your set up!

In spring of 2017, Invictus will be releasing colored pads! Personally, I am hoping they make a charcoal option to match all of my half pads. There is no other company out there with this technology and no one has been able to surpass it thus far! And who knows what their furture products hold (hopefully horse boots and such) but, I can guarantee their thought and quality every time. Take the chance on true comfort and elegant style. Get on the Invictus train before everyone else does!

img_3342Stay on top of your ride equestrians!

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