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Raining Romfh

If you’re going to layer, layer cool; this is the key to keeping up with fall’s ever changing weather. Romfh Equestrian is one of my favorite and well trusted brands of clothing. With high-end quality for fair prices in many beautiful colors, what’s not to love? This outfit was handpicked by Laura herself to help me create a beautiful and fun rainy day outfit for YOU!

For the days that are wet and not freezing, such as the day after a good storm, light shower, or even if there is a chance of rain, this outfit is built for your cool day whimsy.

The Top: The Chill Factor Sun Shirt is a quarter zip longs sleeve shirt with ventilated arms retailing for $74.95. This antimicrobial top will keep you fresh and maintain your temperature under your layers at the barn all day. I have the navy and amethyst version, as seen in the photos and I simply love all the little details. The zipper tab is rubber coated and made to lay flat. On the left arm there is an embellished logo that adds a bit of class to this preppy and sporty top. Easily a top with a little pop for the days you need a little pizazz.

The Vest: Romfh’s Hampton Quilted Vest in spruce and amethyst plaid is an all-around adjustable and light weight piece retailing for $95.00. The sides are a stretchy ventilated material providing as much movement your body desires. You can create a clean, sleek, and fitted look by adjusting the button cinch in the back. A pattern has developed with this line and the neat zippers; no bright jingling sounds! The material of this vest is very soft and will not soak up all of the rain that pelts you on a ride. With colors made to pair with nearly any neutral color, this vest becomes a versatile splash of texture and pattern for your wardrobe.

The Jacket: Stay nice a dry this fall into winter with the Rain Rider Jacket that retails for $129.95. This spruce body with amethyst accents has a fabulous contrasting look to it. The rain shell is unlined and perfect for throwing over anything you’re wearing, barn or out on the town.  Taking it on your rainy ride or cover your best show shirt was made easy with the back zipper vent and light full coverage material and cut. The two way zipper also allows you to unzip as much as you need to feel comfortable and covered in the saddle. I will have more details on this fabulous rain shell in my mini look at rain outfits this weekend! Stay tuned.

The Breeches: My normal and well-loved Sarafina Euro Seat Breeches in navy, retailing for $169.95 complement this pallet of colors beautifully. Laura recommended this color and it really does work so wonderfully in this ensemble. Plus, when it starts to pour at the barn, it easy to hide those rain spots and horse itching post patches. Darker in the fall and winter, the better!

img_5689Even though I am not a very colorful dresser, I really enjoyed this preppy and sweet look. I was comfortable all day sloshing in the mud at two barns. The colors are very beautiful and complimentary—they are hard not to love. Plus the Rain Rider jacket lives in my car for me to wear practically every day. Get this look and make your fall ensembles super!

Stay stylish equestrians!


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