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The Next Best Thing: Invictus Equestrian


We all want the best for our horses back. After all, a comfortable back makes for a happy horse! The Invictus Equestrian half pad is exactly what you need to save your horse’s back. At only 1.1 cm thick, this wonderful pad will not alter saddle fit at all. My saddle fits perfectly, so changing the fit of it when half pad shopping was a major concern. I was shocked when I opened this pad and saw how thin it is. What is even more amazing is how protective this pad is considering how thin it is! The Invictus pad is also very discreet making it perfect for any discipline. In fact, I think it gives a nice profiled look to your saddle. Another nice feature of this pad is that it contours beautifully to the horses withers allowing for optimal movement. The top of the pad is covered in a Bentex Performance Fabric that is non-slip, breathable, and durable. Being a right arm amputee, I definitely put the non-slip factor to the test. I tend to lean to the left when I ride, and when I rode in my Invictus pad my saddle didn’t even budge! These pads retail for around $250 and I truly believe they are worth every penny. I rave about these pads to everyone who will listen. Overall, I don’t think there is a better half pad on the market. Try yours today at .


xoxo- Lily

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