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Edge of Mantra

This super chic outfit is probably one of my favorites so far. Comfortable, stylish, and oh so cute! The weather has been more than temperamental out here in Southern California, giving me all the experience with this outfit that I needed. Stay sane during this mental weather by getting this look that combats the chilly wind and a heat waves.

The Top: This fabulous Mare Mantra shirt is brought to you by The Blonde and The Bay blog and retails at a very affordable $35. Cotton blended with a relaxed fit, this long sleeve keeps you cool and comfortable when ever you need it to. Easily paired with any type of accessory or any color breech, The Mare Mantra top is a very fun and versatile addition to your appeal collection. More to come on this top next time!

The Breeches: Crafted by Winston Equestrian, these self patch navy breeches, retailing for $299. These breeches hold you like glove and keep you super comfortable in any weather. Little details, such as, the leather logo, thin socks, and tan stitching all spice up the breech. With many classy colors and two stunning fits, both with euro seats, there is something for everyone! Winston Equestrian may be pricey but, we all have those splurge days. If you’re going to splurge, splurge here. Be sure to read more in the next basic breech guide!

The Belt: Made by Mane Jane this stellar black and white reversible belt retails for $120 with the silver buckle. Black and white are the two most necessary colors to have in my personal wardrobe so, to have a two and one belt makes life so much easier. Not to mention that the soft and supple leather fits seamlessly in any pair of pants. More details on this stunning creation to come!

img_5710My Mini Mantra: More doesnt always mean merrier. Although this may appeal to my inner introvert, I’m not talking about people here! Keep your outfit colors at a minimum 3 and max 4 to avoid being monochromatic or too busy. You’ll thank me later!


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