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Heat of Showing

Still looking for that comfortable and toasty outfit to show in this fall? Heat up the competition with my in between the show ring solution just waiting to be paired with your best show coat! Created with light layers and a classic palette of colors, take on this look to help you get to the blues.


The Shirt: The look sports a navy and white Horze Crescendo Blaire Show Shirt from Equestri Lifestyle, retailing for $50. Crafted in smooth, mesh-like material this relaxed fit top is just the show shirt you’ve been looking for to spice up your winter show gear. Pair with an under thermal to keep you warm when waiting and trust the breathable material and shear under arms to keep you cool on course. This top is a relaxed fit for the days that you are not looking to be strangled. Little details you will adore are the stripped collar and inner cuffs, the little “Cresc HZ” logo on the chest, and the disappearing neck buttons. Use the code FrugalRhode for a discount!

The Breeches: Beige Sarafina Romfh Breeches from Centerline Style help to create this classic show jumper look for $150. The beautiful contrast between the navy and white with the beige has a simply timeless feel. Pick these breeches up since it’s color is a clear necessity in any equestrian closet and Romfh is a brand you can trust to take you to the top. The best part of the coloring and material is that they actually hide your shirt lines very well in comparison to many other breeches. Stay super comfortable and fashion forward with these classic beige breeches. Use the code: TheFrugalRhode on Centerline for 20% off your entire purchase!

The Belt: Back to Mane Jane’s fabulous reversible belt from yesterday–Now you can see it on the flip side! Belt strap and buckle retail for $120 together and the strap for $65 alone. The white side of this belt is very fun and chic. It is a faux white alligator pattern and texture, cleverly crafted in leather with a bit of a sheen to give it an authentic look. If you’re looking for a belt to give you a little bit of glamor but, not overwhelm your show outfit, this is the belt for you!

The Jacket: Remember this super popular sweatshirt by The Plaid Horse from a few months back? I sure do! The Plaid Horse Sweatshirt in gray is my daily cozy up look that continuously gets more comfortable with each wear. Retailing for $65, this versatile sweatshirt is ready to be where you need it, hiding from the rain inside or protecting your best look at your fall shows. After all, it is the perfect throw over for when you’re waiting between rings. We all know cuddly ponies simply love clean clothing. This relaxed fit and warm material will keep you looking cool, feeling warm, and representing TPH without making your shirt a linty mess.

IMG_5730.JPGKeep the winning streak hot riders!


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