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Preppy for Ponies

If one thing goes hand and hand with equestrian style, its looking preppy. This look utilizes the beautiful subtleties of accessorizing your look well to create the look you want. Keep in mind that this look is perfect for the fall and oh so cozy!

The Top and The Sweater: LD Equestrian has created this beautiful Ash Grey Polo for your budget! Retailing at $24, the whole line of short sleeved polo’s are the perfect look for you. In this photo, I am taking full advantage of the stunning collar to spice up the look of my sweater. The ash gray does a great job of adding a pop of prep and creating a very neat contrast with the beige tones. The Loft sweater I am using has a boatneck cut, but a crew or a v-neck would do just fine for this look as well. This polo is so easy to dress up or dress down for a ride. Stay tuned for my next look with this top to see just how cute and functional it is!

The Breeches: Back to beige! These Sarafina Romfh Breeches from Centerline Style, retail for $150 and work to mellow out any look. The composition of this color is well balanced in it’s greens and yellows. We have all seen those “beige” breeches that look green but, not these! The construction of it’s color is very true. The clean euro seat lines and neat stitching adds to it’s beautiful simplistic nature. Pair it with just about any top or jacket to get a clean, classy look.

The Belt: Hand crafted in Argentinean leather and thread, the belts fashioned by Tato’s Mallets really are the accessory out of your wildest dreams! The belt I have here is the Black Gaucho; designed with being unique and saving money in mind, this belt retails for $65.00. That’s right, you’ve all seen those new belts popping up all over the place for over $100…Don’t be fooled by the fad big companies are pushing. These belts are the real deal and are providing you products at a more than fair price with many more options. Among the many beautiful designs they have for the gaucho, this one suited my fancy for the fall. Warm colors of beige and red sewn in little crosses along the black leather and fabric surpasses quality and skill. Plus, the beige matched the breeches perfectly and the red added the perfect splash of color. More to come on these stunning belts!

IMG_5746.JPGStay perfectly preppy equestrians!


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