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From Schooling to Show Ring

From casual cool to classy and sophisticated, these fall schooling to show looks are both show stoppers. Perfectly pairing blues and grey to create a classy look.

This first look is for the schooling ring This outfit is comfortable while looking put together. The breeches featured here are the new full seat breeches from F.O.A.L Equestrian. They are pull on breeches making them easy to jump into. Being a right arm amputee, not having to deal with zippers and buttons is very nice. The material of these breeches is very soft and flexible, but not sheer as some pull on breeches can be. The silicone grip on these breeches hold you in a secure position in the saddle. Although these breeches are very stretchy and flattering, I find they work best for dressage riders because of how grippy they are. I have washed these breeches a couple times and they hold their shape beautifully and the silicone stays sticky. I am most definitely a fan of these breeches! Priced at $140, every dressage queen needs to check them out! They can be purchased through . Next onto my Bending Line Designs long sleeve tee. This tee is soft and cozy and truly makes for a wonderful layering piece. Bending Line Designs carries a huge variety of tees for every discipline! If you’re friends with people from multiple disciplines, Bending Line Designs is definitely a one stop holiday shop for you! I do find that their shirts do run a tad bit small, so I recommend sizing up. This shirt kept me perfectly warm durning these chilly fall mornings. Be sure to check out and check out all of the fun styles they carry! Now onto my all time favorite heavy jacket. The Schockemoehle Sports Kimberly Jacket has all the features every rider needs. The hood is detachable, the outside is waterproof (from experience), the wrists are fitted, there are tons of pockets, and it looks very classy. This coat is beautifully crafted with every detail in mind. Personally, I think this coat would appeal to everyone and not just equestrians! It keeps you warm without feeling bulky. What more could you ask?! The price of this coat is around $200 but I can assure you it is worth every penny. Especially if you are a rider in a colder climate. I rave about this jacket to anyone who will listen, it is a true favorite of mine. You can shop yours today at . Over all I think this outfit is perfect for a casual day at the barn. These pieces together will keep you warm and comfortable during daily barn chores and riding.

Now onto my show look. The breaches I am wearing are the BVertigo Melissa Breeches in full seat. These are my all time favorite show breeches. They are stretchy and comfortable but best of all, they do not stain easily. Crazy, I know. A white breech that’s hard to stain?! Hard to believe. I truly put that to the test when Charlie decided to slime me after competing. I was sure that my breeches were ruined until I threw them into the wash and they came out looking like new! Another feature I love about these breeches is the baby blue detailing. You can not see the detail when you have a coat on, so no need to worry about picky judges. The full seat on these breeches is dotted with tiny silicone spots. They add the perfect amount of grip without making you feel stuck to the saddle. The only downside to these breeches is that they run a little bit long. I’m 5’6 and they are still long on me! Other than that, these are truly a dream breech. These breeches retail for $199.95 and I purchased mine through . Next is my blue Polo Belt from Tatos. I mentioned this belt in my previous post, and stand true to my word. These belts a beautiful and affordable. The baby blue on this belt compliments the blue on my breeches perfectly. Once again this belt adds a fun pop of color to your outfit, but won’t be seen when wearing a show coat. These handcrafted belts retail for $55 and can be purchased through . These next two pieces are from Alessandro Albanese. The shirt I’m wearing is the Monaco Competition Shirt. This shirt is made from 73% Polyamide and 27% Elastane making it stretchy and breathable. They grey detailing also adds for a polished look. One fabulous feature on this shirt is that it is a full zip up. No need to worry about buttons popping open! The zipper is concealed for a traditional look. The collar is magnetized, so no need to worry about dealing with clasps and buttons keeping you collar shut. Just simply snap and go! I am so excited to compete in this shirt next summer. This shirt retails for $190 and can be purchased through . I layered my Pisa Sweater also by Alessandro Albanese on top of the competition shirt for extra warmth and to keep it clean. This sweater is one of the softest sweaters I have ever felt. The detail on the shoulder and elbow patches make this piece very unique. This sweater would be perfect for chilly show mornings in the spring layered over your show shirt. The Pisa Sweater retails for $110 and can also be found on . Alessandro Albanese truly hit it out of the park with these two pieces! I absolutely love this this outfit. These pieces are on the pricier side, but are definitely worth the money! Especially when it comes to showing. Look your best, feel your best, do your best!

I hope you all enjoy these outfits as much as I enjoyed writing about them! xoxo- Lily

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