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Uniquely Motivated

Training has its ups and it’s downs, just like the work or school week. Below are two fabulous motivational looks paired with my best dress up and dress down heavy coat to get you through the toughest of weeks. Daily motivation is key in any aspect in life so, why not incorporate it into your wardrobe?

Key Note: Versatility helps to ensure the value of your purchase and eases your pocket book, therefore, less stress and more joy. All of the items below are easy to dress up or down with the right ensemble.

The Jacket: Beautifully crafted by Schockemöehle Sports, the Cherry Jacket is a must have for the fall and winter. I cannot begin to even scratch the surface of how spectacular this jacket really is. 100% polyester, quilted, fitted, and affordable. Retailing for $130-190 (depending on the store) the jacket is litterally a steal! This chic coat will keep you nice and toasty no mater what look you have hiding under neat. The rain hood and faux fur neck lining are both optional wear. Since scarves are a huge hazard when riding and this jacket eliminates the need for one with it’s high profile collar. Polyester shells are barn lifesavers by the way. Munchy little babies and slobbery show horses are no match for this easy clean material! Pop it in the wash after it lives with you at the barn for a week and hang it to dry over night. More on the look later!

The Shirt: Bending Lines Designs created this graphic piece called “Jump the Jumps” to help you soar over your problems in style for only $35.00. Made from 100% cotton, this unique shirt helps you self-regulate while on and off the course. The crew neck cut will keep you contained and warm during brisk fall rides. The fierce look of the clever design will help push you through to the other side of your ride. Best part is, you are guaranteed a perfect fit every time you order from BLD because of their brand new check the fit link. Go have fun and kick back in the arena with your furry mount and get over those jumps!

The Breeches: Romfh French Roast breeches retailing for $150 through Centerline Style (Use 20% off code: TheFrugalRhode) will add some class to your sass. Navy with this particular shade of brown really is a stunning color complement, as seen above, and works well with nearly every top you may own. Pair them with a fun pattern or a show shirt to see just how mature, unique and classy your ROOTD becomes.

The Belt: Back to my Mane Jane black and white reversible belt! Retailing for $120 full set, this belt can easily be used in every and any outfit you have. Here I am using it to keep my 3-4 color rule and tie in my boots to my jacket to make the look cohesive. Comfortable enough to wear with jeans, this belt’s functionality is through the roof. Classic and clean with a fun buckle, feel free to dress to go out on the town or out on the trail! Keep your eyes peeled for the next looks coming out with this belt.

The Shirt: You may recognize this look from one of my earlier outfits Casually Classy. This funny and adorable graphic tee is made by 20×60 and retails for $35. Yes there are things you “need”…like a new horse when your current one is being too sassy. All jokes aside, when you are in a bad mood nothing makes you feel better than a comfy top and bit of a laugh. Retail therapy is cheap with this one and your horse will appreciate a pep in your step. Pick this top for a chilly day that you expect to have a tough hack, just bundle up in your fancy new jacket after! Grab a coffee, your pony, and get out there!

The Breeches: Thoughtfully made by the up-and-coming equestrian company, Aztec Diamond, these Stone Technical Breeches retail for $100.12 (USD problems). While you are on that tough, stress relieving hack, make sure you wear these low rise breeches! They have a great lining built just to make you comfortable, cool and sweat free in the saddle. This particular color is fabulous for paring with nearly every color and is great for all weather conditions. Cute, comfortable, and versatile, what more does a girl need?

The Belt: This outfit simply pops with this belt! Tato’s Mallets know the way to my heart, quality with flair. This Gaucho Belt in black has become a common thread in my daily wardrobe for every occasion and it has proven its value. Retailing for only $65, there is nothing that can surpass the quality or the price. This belt has a duel purpose in this outfit, contrasting black and grey to add some fun all while tying in with my black boots, shirt, and jacket.

Get through the struggles with feeling great about your buys and wearing all the items that make you laugh, feel powerful, and flatter your body!

Stay Strong Equestrians!


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