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Majyk: Crossing Boundaries

Majyk Equipe has done it again! By taking the time to get to know the folks at Majyk, there is little surpise that the Color Elite X Country Boots live up to all of my expectations that I had for them. Majyk has personally set strict standards to ensure the finest quality possible. Every product is sourced from cutting edge and high-tech materials. And every boot bends and breathes with it’s athlete, all while being neoprene and plastic free. Created by riders for a rider’s ease of mind, Majyk Equipe is motivated by one thing only: producing the best protective wear on the market at a price we all can afford.

Shortly after their release in the summer of 2016,  Majyk sent over the Color Elite X Country Boots for The Frugal Rhode to review. Retailing for $116 (hind) and $100 (front) these sleek, revolutionary boots have all the quality you want without leaving your pockets empty. The rain is fast upon us today in California and that means one thing…MUD. Late fall and all of winter guarantee that no matter where you live, you and your pony will have a fabulous mud bath at least once. But, do not fear for your gear! Majyk’s Color Elite X Country Boots have made a splash in the cross country world this year but, they are also your everyday solution to easy clean protective wear, regaurdless of dicipline. As any equestrian knows, cross country is extremely demanding on a horse’s body and the jumps are very wearing. Therefore, the most protective boots are necessary to support a horse going the distance.

Majyk jump started the classic cross country boot style many years ago. This year, they have simply surpassed any possible brand in competition with these stunning and extra durable upgrades. The Color Elite’s come in four colors: atomic orange, azure blue, scarlet red, and tiffany turquoise. This introduction to fun colors makes them perfect to add a little pop of color to your set up, on the flat or flying on a course. However, the real magic of these boots aren’t how neat they look, but rather what the look of the boot is doing. Outside to inside, Majyk didn’t skip a single beat. The fancy black pattern on the outer shell of the Elite is actually their four way flex guard. On the front, the flex guard layer is constructed to prevent bruising on the cannon bone, while the back is thicker to protect the ligaments from a bad over reach. The bright color peeking in between the guard spaces is an ultra breathable, stain resistant mesh. Underneath the fashion statement is the second layer of protection, the ARTi-LAGE foam. I have talked about this particular material in my review of the Boyd Martin Stadium Jump Boot but, their nature is ever the more obvious in the Color Elite X Country Boots. Thin, lightweight, and intelligent, the material works as a free from substance that hardens and disperses the energy made by an impact. Therefore, no mater how solid a horse hits an object, he or she is safe but, still has enough feel to respect the next fence. The flexible, high tech piece is at the front of the boots in order to protect your horse’s soft tissue and bones from nicks and bruising. Don’t believe in the Majyk tech? Take a look at their Youtube video to see them dropping bowling balls on boots with glass bottles inside! You tell ME if this doesn’t prove their point. One of my favorite features of these boots are actually the high-tech liners. They are antifungal, ventilated bio foam, perfect for a horse that sweats a lot. These fibers are soft and moisture wicking all while having enough traction to grip and to move with it’s athlete. Mud, rain, or open water, these bad boys will not slip off your handsome stead. Plus, this particular production of the material has larger perforations to let air in and cool a horse’s ligaments, thus preventing lameness due to warm tendons. The entire boot is also coated in a layer of their special “Forever Clean” formula. This splendid little invention allows for effortless spraying off of sweat, dirt, and grime, making clean up a breeze.

You may be wondering why a rider that does dressage or hunters or jumpers would need these cross country boots. Well to be honest, you don’t know what you’re missing until you try them. The Elites are an exceptional and indispensable part of my tack line up now!Whether it be hacking, turnouts, or schooling, these boots have your horse’s safely insured. They had me hooked when after a tough ride through mud, I took them off only to find cool and comfortable legs. Turnouts are an underrated time for protective boots. Skip out on the ragged misfit boots or overstretched polos and strap some Majyk on instead! You will never have to worry about ligaments, lameness, or ruining your show boots again. Take them on a messy hack to ensure that on the flat, your horse will be able to preform to his or her full capacity. Then, simply spray them off and leave them to dry! And if you don’t want to double spend on fancy horse boots, use these for schooling. Get your horse bombproof by taking him or her over and through some cross country courses while you’re at it. Personally, I like a bit of extra protection on the hind legs, so I use the hind boots in replacement of polos and stick with my Stadium Jump Boots for the front. Simple and quick with top notch protection and style!

img_0090Be cutting edge. Majyk is real!

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