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Majyk Equipe: Best Boot In the Business

We all want the best for our horses to keep them comfortable. Finding a protective, properly fitted boot is key to a happy horse. Finding the best boot for your horse is very important. A well fitted boot can protect your horse from bruising, cuts, and help with  support. Majyk Equipe boots will do exactly that!


The first boot I am going to talk about is the Vented Infinity Jump Boot. The outside of these boots are made from a BASF TPU shell that is strong but will not hinder your horses movement. The outer core is strong enough to repel impact, while the inner core is softer to conform and flex with the horse’s tendons. The inside of this boot is made from a completely neoprene free, ARTi-LAGE material. When I opened these boots for the first time I was taken back by how soft and squishy the inside is. I wish Majyk Equpie would make shoes for people! I had a friend of mine who is a hunter try these boots out for me to really put them to the test. To say she loved them is an understatement! In her words, “I love my Majyk boots!  They look and hold up beautifully. They are easy to keep clean by simply wiping them down. They still look brand new after multiple rides! They fit well and form to the leg of the horse, keeping them from slipping. Even after jumping, these boots do not budge!”. Not to mention that the white looks stunning against her horse’s dark bay coat. The Vented Infinity Jump Boots comes in white, black, and brown, so there is a color to compliment every coat color. These boots retail for $84.99 and matching hind boots can be purchased for $64.99. Both can be purchased through .


The next boots are the new Color Elite X Country Boots. When I pulled these boots out of the box, what surprised me the most is how light these boots are. Reading about all of the fabulous protective features, I was sure these boots would be heavy. They are the exact opposite! By far the lightest boots I have ever felt. These boots are made from a TPU outer shell and the same ARTi-LAGE foam on the inside. One thing I love about the ANTi-LAGE foam is how it does not absorb sweat. Most boot liners turn stiff after multiple sweaty rides. These boots do not! I have been using these boots for close to three months now and they are still as squishy as the day I first opened them! Another fabulous feature is the ‘Forever Clean’ coating that repels dirt and water. I have ridden these boots through puddles, grass, sand, mud, and gravel, and they still look brand new. The top left photo is a perfect example of it! That photo was taken right after a lesson in sloppy arena. You can see how dirty Charlie’s legs got, while the boots remained spotless! The Color Elite X Country Boots retail for $99.99 for the front, and $115.99 for the hind. Both can be purchased through .

Overall, Majyk Equipe receives a 10/10 review. I will never use a different boot again!

Xoxo- Lily


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