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The Sweet, The Casual, The Chic

There is some thing about a Wednesday that always seems to make me indecisive. So, you all get a bit of variety to choose from in today’s blog. Inspired by the current chilly and overcast weather, here are three fabulous warm and rain ready looks to help you get over the hump of the week!

The Sweet

Comfortable, lively, and sweet. This ROOTD is a fun autumn twist on a classic hunter look that fulfills all of my bright color whimsies. As a necessity to every equestrian closet, these beige Romfh Sarafina breeches paired with my white Noble Outfitters Hailey long sleeve crewneck, flawlessly combine to create a clean and classy ensemble. Though the white is no longer available in this top, sport another base color, such as black, to tie in your boots and helmet. The soul of this style stems from two pieces: the spice and flair of the Romfh Rain Rider Jacket, along side the wild yet classy white Mane Jane reversible belt. The Rain Rider can easily take on a personality all of it’s own when styled incorrectly. Here it works cohesively with the neutral bases yet, standouts without overwhelming the style. Fashioned with velcro adjustable cuffs, an amethyst lined hood, and containing multiple zip pockets, never worry about whether or not this jacket is functional enough for you; it is. The belt flipped to the white reptile pattern side is a subtle and an elegant approch to add texture to an outfit again, without being overbearing. From top to bottom, this look has it all for those wet, rainy afternoons at the barn.

Top: Hailey Long Sleeve, $35

Breeches: Romfh Beige Sarafina, $150

Jacket: Water Proof Rain Rider, $130

Belt: Mane Jane White/Black Reversible, $120

The Casual

Relaxed, edgy, and casual. This ensemble pays tribute to all of those who don’t want to put in a ton of effort but, still want to look and feel great. Hoodies are every lazy person’s joy so, why not ride in one? B Vertigo created this super neat BVX Sweater Hoodie for just that. Though the hood is much of one, the rest of the jacket is simply wonderful. Breathable, moisture wicking, and stylish, the BVX hoodie holds steadfast to your needs. With thumb holes, uniquely patterned side panels, and a high neck, what more could you need to ensure a comfortable ride? Similarly, the Winston Equestrian self patch, low rise breeches are calling you to Namaste with your horse. The immense stretch and quality fit provide the ultimate comfort for those uncomfortably cold winter rides that can leave your body feeling stiff. The black and white revisable belt here works as a tying in accessory, pulling in the black from the hoodie and boots or as a pop of color pulling the B Vertigo graphics. Kick back on your next ride with this relaxing look!

The Top: BVX Sweater Hoodie, $80

The Breeches: Winston Self-Patch, $299

The Belt: Mane Jane White/Black Reversible, $120

The Chic

Layered, unique, and chic. This outfit has all the class and sass you need when you’re feeling that moody mid-week vibe. During the past few night trips to the barn, it has been 40-45 degrees (cold for California) and variations of this look have saved me a thousand times over. I played with two base colors and an accent for this particular style. The mock turtle neck is a find I snagged while cyber shopping on Black Friday. I own a few long sleeve turtle necks just for this particular reason: scarves and horses don’t mix. For that same reason, I adore my Cherry Jacket’s high collar and ultra cozy faux fur neck. Also, the body itself is incredibly warm on the inside and horse slobber or mud stays on the surface. The French Roast Sarafina breeeches I am wearing are a super elegant shade of brown. It off sets the black I am wearing all while complementing my Tato’s Mallets Greek Polo belt. Speaking of which, this accessory is one of the most unique I own; just try to find something that is more of a statement piece with better quality. If you’re looking for that dark, mellow, and high end look this week at the barn, search no more.

The Top: Madewell Mock Turtle Neck, ?

The Breeches: Romfh Sarafina French Roast, $150

The Jacket: Schockemöehle Cherry, $130-190

The Belt: Tato’s Mallets Greek Polo, $55


Shake it up riders!


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