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The Fall Tack Haul

The equestrian world is filled with boundless barn necessities for us to choose from. To narrow your choices, The Frugal Rhode made a goal of collecting some of the nicest and neatest items for you to read about and buy for this holiday season! Below you will find photos, short commentaries, and site links to the main review. Be sure to click those links for more details such as pricing and additional details you’ve been dying to know.

Happy Shopping Equestrians and Enjoy!

Majyk Equipe

Believe in your boots again! Majyk is a phenomenal company that has made leaps and bounds to gain way as one of the top horse protection companies. They have a heart for your stead, more so than a goal of personal profit. Created from the most cutting edge materials produced right now, Majyk has kept the quality high while keeping the costs low. The Frugal Rhode reviewed three boots: Vented Infinity Jump Boots (front), Color Elite X Country Boots (set), and Boyd Martin Genuine Leather Stadium Jump Boots (front). All three are very reasonably price with higher protection values than any other boots on the market. Click the links below to get the full reviews!

Lily: Color Elite and X Country Boot

Kait: Vented Infinity and Color Elite X Country

Kait: Boyd Martin Genuine Leather Stadium Jump Boots


Beauty and brawn for the horse in your life. 20×60 is an up and coming English equestrian company promised to providing top notch quality to all of their customers. The Premiera Vienna Halter is imported from the Netherlands and will not disappoint! Stylish and chic enough for the show grounds yet, high quality and durable enough to be loved daily. The Premiera Vienna owns the show with details galore and padding you pony will adore. In a variety of classic color combinations, this halter will liven up any rider’s tack truck for every possible occasion. More on why to buy in the link below!

The Haltered Class by Kait

Invictus Equestrian

Redefine comfort for you and your horse. One ride in an Invictus Necesse Pad and you will never go back to your plush pillow. Invitus strives to do beter, never settle, and pursue modern comfort. Though new to the equestrian world, they have succeeded but, more is to come from them. Through three layers of pure gold and science, this saddle pad deflects pressure and impact away from you and your horse’s backs, all the while being 1.1 cm and never altering your saddle fit. Talk about special! The best part is, they are expanding to colored pads and they are around the same price for other top of the line pads. Snag yourself an Invictus before the fad begins. This company really is going somewhere and that is straight to the top!

Face of Fortitude by Kait

The Next Big Thing: Invictus Equestrian

Noble Outfitters

Dependability, affordability, and style. Noble Outfitters is renowned for their character and durability, across the board, for equestrian needs. Whether a Western or English rider, items like the Essential Grooming Tote live up to all the values they hold. Multi-pocketed, easy clean, and light weight, this tote will make your life ten times easier. Built with solid materials, such as, ultra strong plastic and canvas, reliability is never a question. Fashioned with a Duraflex® clip closure system, no matter how heavy your tote becomes, you will still be able to hang it anywhere. For more information on why this tote is a must have and a great buy, click the link below!

DIY Groom by Kait

Millbrook Leathers

Stability like never before. Crafted in France and retailed through Millbrook, these special leathers have revolutionized security in the saddle. Inspired trainer, Alexia Honegger, brought these back from Switzerland to her students in Colordado. Thankfully she decided to bring them to us all! Due to the front panel being wider by 3/4th of an inch, the increased surface area has bettered your leathers to hold your leg far more still. Whether on the flat or over jumps you will find that your leg cues have become far more deliberate and your seat is equally solid. Get more detail in our reviews below!

Millbrook Stirrup Leathers

3/4th The Difference by Kait

Advantage Horsemanship

Effectively training horsemanship. Advantage Horsemanship developed the Bitless Halter Bridle to help bridge the gap between human leadership and equine relationship. Crafted from thick, strong cord to ensure durability, this affordable tack piece is exactly what you need for training groundwork or bitless riding. Designed to discourage naughty behavior and encourage the good, this tool assist in creating a cohesive bond with your four legged partner. And you can learn all the tricks of the trade that go with it by watching their YouTube videos or signing up for their Leadership Club! More details on this halter/bridle below.

Training Advantage by Kait

Let us know what you thought and bought!

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