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Horseback riding and horsemanship are simply a way of life. You come to not mind smelling like horses or having green goo smeared across your shirts. You realize that a new tan never is really tan, it’s dirt. Hands bleed and feet get crushed. But, its all worth it. Home becomes the barn. Your family; your horses. And a bad day is fixed by a horse looking for snuggles. Below, I have an every day, fully functional outfit for you! This is real life and all of my outfits are created to handle your practical needs and style wants.

Fog, mist, and clouds roll in very quickly out in Southern California. So, I always have to be prepared for temperamental weather. As you can see, my base color here is actually very dark. Its because black is one of my favorite colors to ride in during the fall and winter. And I am not crazy for thinking that. Wet weather means less dust and particles to stick to your darker clothing. Be freed from thinking you need to wear only colors that will hide dirt and take time to look extra sharp this fall and continue it into winter!

The Top and Vest: The Mare Mantra has become a weekly favorite among my long sleeve shirts. Retailing at only $35 for a clever and funny top, its a steal. Plus she just updated stock in all of the sizes, meaning that there is more fun for everyone! Classy design work combined with a smart black color, makes this top a breeze to tie into every one of my outfits. Though the sleeves aren’t tapered, they are long enough to tuck in to my gloves and stretchy enough to pull up to a 3/4th length. The crew neck is perfect for chilly rides and layering with open or zipped covers. Paired with this top is the Noble Outfitters Premier Fleece Vest, retailing for $100. This true to size and flattering vest is everything you need and nothing that you don’t. I have ranted before about getting over the fluffy and constricting down-feather lined vests. Warmth doesn’t have to mean bulk. Many companies are upping the ante by providing sleeker alternatives to keeping warm this fall and winter. The Premiere Fleece Vest is perfect for the days that you want to go lightweight. Designed with a brushed fleece lining along the pockets and the inner body, you can be guaranteed superior warmth. The outer shell easily repels and dirt or debris. Though not water proof, I have found that you don’t get completely soaked riding out in the rain with this look. Quilted detailing and clever logo printing also sets the vest apart from the rest. The high collar allows for scarf free riding or a dramatic open flair. Together, The Mare Mantra and Premier Fleece Vest sing sweet tunes of comfort this  chilly season.

The Breeches: These black Romfh Sarafina breeches are just the pair you are looking for. Purchased from Valencia Saddlery for $170, this color rounds out my top three favorite colors by Romfh! Without a tinge of navy, this breech is a TRUE black. A million times over I have said that I adore the fit, style and a feel of these breeches. However, I don’t think I have ever gone in depth about the fabric. Designed to stretch and give all that it can to its rider, they are the Lululemon of breeches without being too pricey. This fabric breathes, wicks moisture, refuses to stretch out, hides your wrinkles, and never shows just how sweaty you are. Best part is, they are super at resisting stains. I purposefully did these photos when Autumn was absolutely filthy after the rain. With dirty gloves and mountains of dirt and debris, the breeches stayed astonishingly clean. So clean in fact, that with a quick rub of a white towel, I was off to the movies. Nothing is better than that!!

The Boots and Half Chaps: Ariat Heritage Paddock Boots for $140 paired with Millbrook Leather’s Alligator Trim Half-Chaps for $80, make for the cutest and edgiest little ensemble at a fair price point. My Ariat zip boots have been a fabulous investment since I bought Autumn, because ground work does not call for the need of tall boots. The comfort and quality of these boots never made me question taking the whole afternoon to be on my feet, rain or shine. They are also strong enough to withstand the six month old in Autumn’s pasture stomping all over my feet! Versatility is very evident here as I wear these boots for training, paired with half chaps for riding, and out on the town at least once a week. The half chaps here are simply too fun! Millbrook invested in these affordable and stylish accessories just a few months ago. Since then they have been a hit! Comfortable and a perfect pair to my paddock boots, these bad boys are a necessity for the days that my worn tall boots are too much on my legs. Though not fully broken in yet, (hence why I am at wearing them here) I can feel the quality that will last for a very long time. With grip to spare and style to share, this pair is simply to die for!

The Gloves and Belt: These two accessories, though unrelated, are two of my favorite things while out at the barn. My Noble Outfitters Outrider Gloves were purchased from Amazon for only $20 at the time (they have upgraded)! Working with a yearling during the fall has been quite the task. Freezing hands and frisky babies are not quite the ideal combination. However, these gloves have save my hands. Whether leading on groundwork or breaking up hay at dinner time, these gloves are with me through thick and thin. With durable synthetic suede palms, adjustable velcro closures, tech friendly finger tips, and reinforced knuckles, nothing compares to them. They are simply a dream in freezing temperatures at the times I am not moving enough to keep warm, such as, during night check. They also are surprisingly ventilated for when the California heat flairs and I am suddenly a puddle of sweat. Just as dependable is my $65 Black Gaucho belt from Tato’s Mallets. Authenticity and quality is everything and more to this company. Sourced for their thickness and durability, all of Tato’s belts are hand crafted in Argentinian leather and fabrics. This particular design was perfect for this fall outfit as it added just the right amount color! Over time, these belts break in extremely well and form perfectly to your shape. Both accessories will have you falling in love over and over again!

img_0121Get back to black riders!


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