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The AA Standard

Elegance, risk, and harmony. These words are foundational terms to describe the equestrian world. And to be successful, each cannot be had without the other. Alessandro Albanese has mastered all that equestrians stand for and beautifully crafted it in apparel. Below is one classy schooling look and one winter show outfit with all the bells and whistles; both using key pieces by AA. Read on to find out why I think their tech is the future of equestrian wear!

The Top: Winter is begging you to pick up the Novara Lady Poloneck for $95. This easy to style piece is just the look you need with all the feel you want. The collar is a two way style: folded turtle neck or casual “slouchy” neck, making it perfect to dress up or down. The v-snipped sleeves are easy to pull up without worries of stretching the cuffs. Elbow patches add to the contrast elements of this top and are a sweet tribute to a more traditional English riding era. Hands down, the best part of this top is actually what you don’t see; the construction. A blend of exactly 63.3% Modal, 34.7% Bamboo, 5% Spandex has helped AA to create the perfect material. Why should you care? Try wearing durable and breathable silk on a ride. Yes, that’s right. This genious fabric blend is not only flattering, but also incredibly soft. Modal is similar to cotton, but it is actually better in every way. In comparison, it is softer, keeps its shape better, doesn’t pill, and will not shrink. Talk about an insured purchase! Another key feature is that it is thin yet, assists in maintaining the ideal heat temperature. Plus, you can easily add a sweater or jacket to spice up your look and for a bit of extra warmth. Unique in its design and feel, this AA top has balanced subtle edge with classic features to present you with an elegant top to work with your body in perfect harmony.

The Breeches and Belt: Rain, sleet, or snow, the French Roast Sarafina Breeches by Romfh add a sophisticated flaire to your winter apparel for $150. Combined with the AA Novara, this color scheme oozes class and timelessness. The flexibility and durability of the fabric allows for the assurance that your breeches will hold up through every ride. Style and cut create a fit that will keep you comfortable and looking chic all the winter long. To add a fun pattern, I chose the perfect complement, Tato’s Mallets Greek Sand polo belt for $55. Havana Argentinean leather ensure longevity of the belt and allow you to match your tack, if you so wish. This unique cream pattern lightens up the outfit and draws attention to the statement piece. Together, these two complement each other like the coffee and cream you’ll be drinking ring side.

The Top: Winter showing season is fast upon us and you need the Ancona Comp Techinal Top to take you to the blues. Sleek and modest when you need it; relaxed and ravishing when you want it. Versatility: the first factor I think about when spending $115 on an article of clothing. Made for training or for the show ring, this top is with you through thick and thin. A slightly sheer white with perforated back meshing allows you to keep you cool while schooling, regardless of how bundled you are. The high neck look with invisible zip allow you to rock the show ring. Zip down between performances and in warm-ups for a spicy, sporty look. Pointless shoulders allow for a perfect fit every time. And thumb holes keep your hands covered yet, funtional.  Constructed of 91% Polyamide and 9% Spandex the Ancona hugs your curves and fulfills your need of softness. The toper is, Polyamide is simply brilliant for a show shirt. Moisture wicking, durable, and strong, this top moves and breathes with every inch of your body. This multidiscipline top will take you to the blues and will keep you in shape between shows, all while looking super in the process.

The Jacket: Some of your winter show days will be only a bit chilly and therefore, are not in need of a massive parka. That is where the Ariana Superlight Jacket comes in. Easy on your heart strings and not too bad on your wallet, this piece retails for $150. Sleek, stylish and available in three fabulous colors, this coat will not disappoint. Collarless with hidden zips, the Ariana presents a perfect modern look. Each edge is stitched with faux leather and every inch is stuffed with renewable padding. Delicate details such as clever stiching, seamless zipping, a double zipping front, and a neat arm logo make this jacket sing with perfection. Easy to dress up with a show outfit or a night on the town, this jacket only needs a scarf to dress it down and make it a comfortable look. Perfect for rain and chilly weather at the barn, keep this cozy and stylish jacket at the forefront of your closet!

The Breeches and Belt: A match made for this hunter show twist, the Beige Sarafina Breeches for $150 and Mane Jane black and white reverable belt for $120, are pure magic together. The true beige color of these breeches is a fantastic nod to the traditional hunter fashion. Partnered with the white Ancona competition/technical top, the contrast between the two is simply drool worthy! Add in the Mane Jane belt flipped to black for a classic look and to white for an edge, and you have a spectacular outfit. The show ring is all about feeling  your best in order to perform your best, with this outfit, you’ll go straight to the top!

The Scarf and Bag: Accessories make or break a day. Luckily, I have two necessities that you didn’t even know you needed: a blanket scarf and a clutch. The blanket scarf in this look is created by Du North Designs and was sent in by Christina (Reins for Rescues) from her new Du North shop! This majestic piece of warmth and coziness is simply fabulous and well priced at $25. Bundle up in between rides (not on them) or gallivant around down feeling exceptionally warm. You wont regret having a blanket around your neck! I chose this multi colored scarf just for this particular outfit. It was perfectly styled to bring out the AA orange stitching and gold zipper all while tying in the Bre Avery Mariana Zip Clutch. Speaking of which, this little beauty has been well loved the past few months and literally goes everywhere with me. Super for holding all the goodies, like chapstick, wallets, and keys, this clutch is perfect to live in a backpack or used as a purse for at the barn. Crafted in America by using sustainable resources and textiles, you will feel great about spending a mere $25. Both fashionable items are extremely affordable, versatile, and are worth every single cent!


Jump For The Standards Equestrians!


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