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The Fall Look Book

The Frugal Rhode takes great pride in bringing you this Fall Look Book: your destination for all fall and winter apparel! Since early November to mid December, we collaborated with numerous companies to bring you an assortment of fabulous outfits for you to love during your chilly days at the barn. All photos are in chronological order to show you how our fashion grew over the past month and a half of reviewing. From casual to sophisticated, from muck out to show ring, you’ll find exactly what you need! Click the links below the photography to take an extra peek into the look and it’s review! Enjoy, Equestrians!

The Fall Look Book

Who says that comfortable can’t be classy? Bundle up and pair well for a cozy creation that will make you the master of all things relaxed. Forget being stingy and spoil yourself on some goodies that are worth your dime.

Casually Classy by Kait

Tired of thinking you need to be a giant fluff monster to be decently warm? Be physically enlightened on those chilly days at the barn by stripping off the unnecessary fabric. Mount freely in style and keep the feathers for the birds.

Modestly Simply by Kait

All Romfh, all the time. With winter comes rain, sleet, snow, and the overwhelming desire to wear your entire closet. If you are going to layer, layer smart. Peel back the drab and pack on the fabulous look you have been waiting for.

Raining Romfh by Kait

Keep it simple–not too busy! Clean and creative are your two best friends when your stylist brain is hard at work crafting the best ROOTD for you to sport. Stay up to date with the weather and master the mantra of looking good and riding right.

Edge Of Mantra by Kait

Winter showing is fast upon us! Don’t hesitate to create the most unique looks and keep covered with smart slime stoppers. Give some edge and prep to get you to the top of the leader board. If you won’t make a statement then who will?

Heat of Showing by Kait

Add a little prep to your step and layer up with some collared goods! Simple and fun, preppy looks at the barn are a must have to feeling fabulous with your pony. Add some sass to your class and rock the ring!

Preppy for Ponies by Kait

Brighten up those cloudy fall and winter afternoons with Lily’s stylish and colorful look. Fun patterns and quality gear is all a girl could ever ask for! So, buy up or send out that wish list before the holiday season is over!

Fun Fall Looks

Comfortable and classy, Lily takes on a subtle look that would leave any rider in envy. Sporting the most comfortable of looks, tailored to simplicity, find out how this look goes from stable to street at a bat of an eye.

Fun Fall Looks

Flirty and fun. Pops of color everywhere create the best of looks for the fall season. Keeping it all cozy and creative, take a look at Lily’s outfit break down and enjoy her youthful version on some trendy equestrian looks.

Fun Fall Looks

When comfort meets collection, a dressage rider can get on top of the chilliest of lessons. Styled in blues and greys to meet your fall color scheme, spend time reading about Lily’s impressions on how to style for the barn.

From Schooling to Show Ring

Details are the secret weapon to releasing your inner dressage queen! Subtle color blues to have you winning the blues. Find out why Lily trusts this look to get her through the fall and winter dressage showing seasons.

From Schooling to Show Ring

Motivation is a key part of life and getting things done. Why not include it into your fashion? Get over that midweek hump and jump those jumps! Create looks that get you through the week and power up your positivity.

Uniquely Motivated by Kait

Humor is healing to the soul. When times get tough or hard work isn’t enough, sometimes clever designs get the job done better than anything else. Forget the negative and focus on your goal. After all, a coffee and a pony can do great things.

 Uniquely Motivated by Kait

Being indecisive allowed for these three looks to become a reality. This sweet rain look was put together in order to be the cherry on top of your day! Don’t fear the winter, embrace the rain by learning from these three weather friendly outfits.

The Sweet, The Casual, The Chic by Kait

Forget being super sharp every day! Try being laid back and casual for once but, still look fabulous in the process. After all, comfort is absolutely everything. Take the time to forget responsibilities and take a peek at this review!

The Sweet, The Casual, The Chic by Kait

Sometimes you have a bit of extra energy and putting together a chic look is just the thing you need. Contrast is key in order for this edgy look to be successful. Though effortless to pair, this look has me swooning over it’s elegance and class.

The Sweet, The Casual, The Chic by Kait

Styled to perfection, Lily rocks this neutral and fashionable look. Premier at the barn with the look that screams chilly weather and a classy attitude.

Wet weather means less of a chance that your darker clothing will look filthy after the barn. Be freed from thinking you need to wear only colors that will hide dirt and take time to look extra sharp this fall and continue it into winter. Your lifestyle; your rules.

More of Mantra by Kait

Elegance, risk, and harmony. A classy schooling outfit that will wow the pickiest of equestrians and keep you comfortable all fall and winter long. Easily one of the best all around outfits, find out why AA tech is the future of equestrian wear!

The AA Standard by Kait

Elegance, risk, and harmony. Classic sometimes needs a twist and fashion needs a comfortable edge. Set your standards high and take the leap to find out why AA’s tech is certainly an outstanding investment and is a barn babe necessity!

The AA Standard by Kait 

Thank you so much for reading!! Have a great week and hug your pony for us!


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