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The Perfect Girth

Total Saddle Fit is a company focused on providing innovative  girths and cinches. Let me start off by saying, I am a fan. I had been drooling over all of their products for a while, so of course I was beside myself when they contacted us for a review. I had the pleasure of testing out the Synthetic Shoulder Relief girth. This is the newest and most affordable girth, and you need one.img_5891

The shape of this girth is contoured to fit the grooves of your horse’s body. The center of the girth is set forward to sit in a much more comfortable position for the horse. The sides cut back 2 inches behind the horse’s natural “girth groove” to meet the billets. This allows the billets to lie perpendicular rather than be angled towards the shoulder. Why is this important? This wonderful feature allows for total shoulder clearance and prevents the billets from hindering full movement. It also allows your saddle to stay in a proper, comfortable position and prevents it from being pulled forward. One thing I love about my synthetic girth is how easy it is to maintain. If it gets sweaty or dirty I can simply hose it off and hang it to dry!

Priced at only $89.95, it is is a schooling necessity. These girths are also backed by a 30 day, 110% money back guarantee. They also have a full leather option of the Shoulder Relief Girth, priced at $129.95. I know for a fact I will be purchasing a leather Shoulder Relief Girth for show season! Since I started using this girth, Charlie seems to be a happier horse. He is more willing to be forward and round. Using my Total Saddle Fit girth gives me peace of mind that my horse is comfortable, happy, and preforming his best. I will never use another girth! Get yours at

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