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SmartCookies-The Smart Choice

In an earlier post, I mentioned how I’m a treat hoarder. I usually have at least four different types of treats on my tack trunk at a time! Although my horse loves this treat collection, it is not the best for his health. Everytime he does something good or just plain cute, I pop a treat in his mouth. Giving him a super sugary treat each time he looks at me is like me eating a donut every time I accomplish a small task. For horse treat addicts like myself, SmartCookies by Smartpak are the answer.

SmartCookies come in two delicious flavors, ChiaMint and Guilt-Free Carrot Cake. I have to start by saying that these treats smell incredible! The second I ripped open my bag of ChiaMint treats, the sweet smell of peppermint hit me. You know you spend too much time around horses when the smell of nice horse treats make your mouth water! Although the scent of these treats is positively dreamy, my favorite thing about them has to be the short and easy to read ingredient list. These fabulous cookies are made simply from dried beet pulp, dehydrated alfalfa meal, coconut meal, chia seeds, salt, flaxseed oil, peppermint oil, and a preservative of mixed tocopherols. That’s less ingredients than my average snack! Out of my many years of treat buying, I have never come across a horse treat with chia seeds. I take chia seeds daily, but I’ve never considered giving them to my horse! After doing a little research I found that chia seeds are amazing for horse health. According to , the high amount of Omega-3 found in chia seeds help boost the immune system and reduce swelling, helping horses with allergies. Chia seeds also provide good nutritional support for broodmares and stallions! The magnesium found in these super seeds has calming properties, making this a perfect snack before even the most stressful of events! On top of all of that, chia seeds also assist in hydration, support joint and muscle health, encourage healthy skin, coat and hooves, and can assist in weight management. Who knew such a small seed in a horse treat could provide so many benefits! 


Smartpak really hit it out of the park with their SmartCookies. Not only are they incredibly nutritional, but horses go crazy for them. Priced at only $12.95 USD for a 1.5 lb bag, you can’t afford not to spoil your horse with these healthy snacks. They will thank you! Shop yours at .


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