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Paked With Nutrients

Sugar, spice, and everything we hope is nice! Today, treat shopping for our horses feels more like going to a pastry market instead of a produce stand. But in actuality, if treats are apart of our daily routine, shouldn’t we be treating our horses well instead of giving them a sugar rush? Forget your peppermints from dinner or your “gourmet” smiley face cookies, and make the Smart choice!

SmartPak sent in their SmartCookies for Tailored Mane to review. This blog post is all about the nutritional reality of SmartPak ‘guilt-free’ Carrot Cake SmartCookies that retail for only 12.95 for a 1.5 lbs bag. Let’s go through the short list of eight ingredients in these little poppers. First up, dried beet pulp. The first on the list is the most used ingredient per little nugget. Luckily, beet pulp is low in sugar, starch, and carbohydrates so, it makes for a stable forage supplement in large quantities. Here, it provides a clean, healthy basis for an intelligent treat. Including dehydrated alfalfa meal provides a fantastic source of protein for a daily treat. Next is one of my favorite ingredients, coconut meal. Coconut is an excellent source of healthy fats as well as it being high in fiber and protein while being low in starch. A pinch of salt helps the tasty factor and increases thirst. Bye-bye colic! Carrots, the under-appreciated classic but, extremely high in Vitamin A! Read up on Healthy Horse: Part 2, if your horse isn’t grazing on greens, they are more than likely deficient in Vitamin A which can lead to night blindness, muscle tearing, dull coat, reproductive issues, and a decrease in immune defense. Cinnamon, unexpected yet, mighty. Even in small amounts this herb has proven to help insulin intake for humans and very well could help horses with laminitis for that reason. Winding us down is flaxseed oil, which is very high in omega-3. One study from the University of Florida found that roughly three cups of flaxseed oil was equal to twenty two pounds of grass hay in omega-3 content. This nutrient is great for helping the nervous system, immune system, and helps decrease inflammation. Though most likely a binding agent here, flaxseed oil is still a great, condensed source of calories. Finally, mixed tocopherols as a preservative. I am picky and wary of most preservatives, however, tocopherol is essentially Vitamin E. It is a safe, natural preservative for human and horses alike. Since there is a minimal amount here, there is little risk of offsetting your horse’s Vitamin A level.

Guilt-free Carrot Cake indeed! These sweet aromatic snacks make any horse whinny for an extra share, while leaving you confident in your indulgences. SmartPak SmartCookies are nutritional nuggets, clean enough to pop in passing or scoop into feed. You will never have a picky eater again! And with their fresh, resealable bags, your treats are sure to last a long time…that is, if your horses can keep their noses out of the cookie bag! Forget your sugar bombs with endless ingredients. Just simplify, don’t sacrifice. SmartCookies are paked with spice and everything nice-that’s it!


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