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Beauties and Bristles

We often think about what goes in but, do you ever stop to think about what goes on your horse? Brushes are easy to come by. Not all are the same.

My rule of thumb: natural is best. Teddy’s Tack Trunk sent over three Leistner Natural Brushes brushes a few months back for a review. First on the list, the “Sweepy” Dandy Brush. Retailing for $18.00, this dandy brush does more than just sweep away hair and debris. The stiff, natural fiber brush absorbs sweat and removes deep down dander and dirt. During the winter, the sweepy brush was able to clean clumps of mud out of a fluffy coat, with ease. Just scrub up the coat with a curry comb and sweep up the mess.

Follow it up with brush number two: the “Grand Gilbert”. Retailing for $26.95, this body brush is just waiting to add a splash of sheen to your horse’s freshly cleaned coat. Crafted from 100% horse hair and a durable beach wood body with a beautiful leather strap, this brush is thick, extremely soft to the touch, and has a firm bend. The bristles are designed with a stunning horse head and the ability to collect all of the little bits that are floating around.
Finally, clean up your stead’s face with the Horse Hair Face “Beauty” Brush. Retailing for $14.95, this medium to soft, palm sized brush is not only stunning but, it is also bound to be your horse’s favorite. Gentle enough to use around the eyes yet, stiff enough to scrub off sand from the muzzle.

Together these three work perfectly to clean and polish any coat. Add them to your grooming tote and watch as the natural fibers spruce up your horse’s look. Side note: for horses with sensitive skin, these natural brushes help not to irritate, just clean, all while being thorough in their jobs.

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