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New American Standard 

Simplicity and cutting edge technology, all combined with the timeless beauty of equestrian. American Equus is a master of its craft with its flawless design, high end functionality, and market-pushing innovations. Behind the drawing board is a team exacting and skilled with a unique sense of inspiration and cultivation. Inspired by the American equine culture, American Equus has grown from its roots by hand crafting and producing all of their products in Gilbert, Arizona. Beyond the track, you will find sleek designs for every discipline and fashion sense.
A few months back, American Equus sent in their Slim English Stirrups (retails between $289-309), giving me a taste for the brand that left me wanting more. But, my hunger is driven in a possibly unexpected way. These irons were expertly and perfectly crafted not only for me but, for any rider. Being only 5’3″, I naturally have small feet, making it extremely difficult to find adult sized irons that have foot beds narrow enough to not get caught on my heels in a dangerous moment. Sounds ridiculous, I know, however, newer products seem to be increasing in size and complexity, rather than becoming sleek. The more difficult or fancy a design is, the less logical it feels. At American Equus, every iron has a solidity and balance about it, with unending avenues to customize your piece of the pie. Innovation is evident in the irons’ twisted branch opening to keep your leathers straight, in the cone shaped pins that grip your boot just enough for a firm sense security, and in the tough, thoroughbred-proof anodized coating. In the time I have had these irons, they’ve seen more than one rail rub and bucking bronc. But, it’s durably, structure, and unique craftsmanship has prevented any real wear and very few lost irons. Between the option to color your branch and changing the littlest of details, the traction pins, you can make your irons, just that, your own. After all, every product American Equus produces, is a statement piece in its own respect. And this is where my desire for more has blossomed!
As a future seeking rider, I want to experience everything American Equus has to offer since, they look to be the future! Between their large range of irons, incredible spur creations, light weight horse shoes, and every cute bag, belt, cap, and jacket, I could simply get lost forever trying new things. Especially because their products are literally made to carry them sky high! Yes, each metal item is molded from Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum, meaning, your mount is going to be sporting the best gear over every high standing obstacle. Go splurge and upgrade today with the new American standard; find out for yourself why I am obsessed with this fabulous new company!




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