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Breech Body

As summer begins there is always the pressure to get a “beach body”. Dieting companies target people by creating an ideal image for women and men. Recently, I’ve seen this diet culture leak into the equestrian world. I’ve seen quite a few articles and posts recently about getting a “breech body” or “show season ready”, and I’m here to tell you that EVERY body is a breech body.

People come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, especially equestrians! There is no ideal “cookie cutter” shape for an equestrian. Instead of focusing on breech size, focus on what makes you a great rider. Your passion and love for the sport is far more important than how much you weigh or how you look in your show clothes. Easier said than done, believe me, I understand. Instead of focusing on your insecurities, focus on what you love about yourself. In my case, I love my amputation. I love it because everyday I look at myself and remind myself what I overcame and how much stronger it has made me. I have learned to love my imperfections. Our imperfections make us perfectly unique.

It’s easy to get sucked into the world of dieting. Just know that striving to be that girl in the “after” photo won’t make you any happier, because body positivity comes from within. Learn to love yourself for who you are. You are the only you that will ever exist, and that’s pretty special. You are unique in your own special ways, stop trying to change them! They make you the wonderful person you are.

A collection of a few of my good friends proving that every body is a breech body.

xoxo- Lily



  1. jane bosman says

    I make custom jodhpurs and full seat breeches. I’m 5’2″ and nothing fit me so I make my own. I have 25+ yrs in Apparel design and manufacturing. Contact me if your interested …


  2. Thank you thank thank you!!! This is such an important message which is not being talked about anywhere near enough. I love your message about focusing on what makes you the rider that you are not your body


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