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ROOTD #1 High Rise Heaven


Looking for a fun, conservative look for your Saturday ride? This ROOTD is my heaven in black and blue!

Hat: American Equus sent over their Signature Logo Vintage Hat that retails for $19. This super cute and affordable cap is just the topper you need for all of your barn wear. Light, functional, and minimalistic, this hat gets the job done without breaking the bank or clashing with your outfit. I wear it daily to keep the sun off my face and to hide my crazy helmet hair after a ride. Even out and about I’ll throw it on to cover a bad do at times. Best part is, not only does it come in black, but it also is available in white or tan for show day!
Top: Equi In Style is my current and substantially consistent favorite for sun shirts. Retailing for $86, this solid cool shirt is a must have staple piece in your closet. Between the mesh under-sleeves and breathable, fitted body, this top is ready to work just as hard as you do all year round. Created with UPF 50+ sun protection, you can keep your skin youthful and burn free longer! Get every color and some blocked shirts too. You won’t regret it! The grey with white and Seabreeze are on my radar!
Bottoms: Romfh does it again! This time with these super slimming high rise Isabella Silicone Full Seat Breeches. They retail for $190 and will steal your heart and everyone’s eye. Here are the breeches in Periwinkle and I’m obsessed! Lake Blue is also stunning and I have my eye out for those in the future. The grips aren’t too much but are just enough to make it multidisciplinary. Small waist but, got a booty? Slightly higher than the Sarahfinas and with three buttons, these breeches are made for the fit, curvy girl! Feel confident and sexy in these beauties all summer long and longer there after. Laura, can we make these in every color? I would strongly approve if you did! They may be up there with the Sarahfinas!
Belt: My go-to, daily belt is this solid black 1 1/4″ C4 belt that retails for $30. Its classic, sleek, and cut to fit. Forget stretched out or faded belts, C4’s Thermoplastic Elastomer plastic makes it weather resistant and a lifetime purchase. Not to mention that when it gets dirty, you can just pop it into the dishwasher! They have a vast selection of fun and solid belts to suit your jumper or dressage fancy. Even match them to your socks for an extra bit of spunk!
Socks: This The Plaid Horse Magazine and Dreamers and Schemers mash up is perfection in a sock at $16. Both hobbies turn profession, TPH and D&S are two of my favorite companies to work with. Each company had been taking names in their own respect recently. Mainly making a mark for their creativity and forward thinking, they share the ingredients essential to becoming something more than great but, rather, iconic. Pictured above are TPH Premium boot socks that they sent over a few months back. I must say, my feet have never been more happy! I have picky toes and these bad boys are a super comfortable mix of thick and thin. D&S has hit the nail on the head with softness and stretch but, don’t be fooled, they are always hustling to bring you the best and brightest of socks for you to love. Some trends I see coming up are the English Floral Blue Julie Browning socks for all you classy riders and the Fineapple for all you Unicorn Yogis.



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