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A Splash of Plaid

Looking for your next summery show look? Take a tip from this Plaid Horse Mag inspired ROOTD!

Hat: RIATA Designs, be inspired and stylish while protected from the sun. Each custom hat is beautiful in its own right and every creations makes Jill, the owner, do a little happy dance. My unique piece of art is just the right amount of different for this and every look! More on RIATA and its origin to come this weekend.

Show Shirt: The Plaid Horse Mag collaborated with Essex Classics to send out this fantastically fun show shirt, retailing for $130. Essex Classic’s Talent Yarn shirts are arguably the most recognizable show shirts on the market. Between prints such as glasses of merlot and my favorite Aqua Paisley, fun is never too far from view and fit is undoubtedly exceptional. Pictures above and below are of a size small rather than an extra small, ideal for schooling or trainers. Stick to your regular size for a snug fit for under your show coat. Although this top is extremely breathable, UV protective, and deodorizing, the Scotch Guard treated nano-tech fabric makes it super stain resistant. Not even my three piggies could ruin it! Take a look below at all of the sweet details Essex Classics included.

Breeches: Romfh created this low rise master piece for all you hip-hugger-lovers, retailing for $170. The Gabriella Low-Rise Euroseat Breech is quite the looker. From the angled pockets, European Seat, and clear silicone patches, these breeches are show ready! Love the Sarafina breeches? The Gabriella breech is its bigger sister, made of the loved Soft-Touch fabric but, with a flirter cut! Fancily decorated with little Romfh logos for grips and a double button fashion, feel confident in your fit, feel, and style. Flattery is just sweet talk for these breeches. Slip them on and fall in love before your next show!

Socks: The fantastically designed Plaid Horse with Dreamers and Schemers mash up sock strikes again! This time with a fun and romantic purple color design to tie in the Plaid horse Mag Essex Classic Show Shirt. Click here to see the rich blue version and some fabulous details in High Rise Heaven. Get ready for a D&S review coming soon!


  1. jill slater says

    You look adorable in your RIATA and the Essex Show Shirt is a must purchase. Plus, the Gabriella low rise breeches are perfect. Of course we all adore The Plaid Magazine, so the socks “knock my socks off.”

    My best and with gratitude,

    Liked by 1 person

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