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Company Week: Be RIATA. Be YOU!

You may have noticed over the past few looks that I have been featuring a beautiful custom hat that was made in collaboration with RIATA Designs. These sun hats are becoming more and more popular on the equine scene, with only one woman running the show, Jill Slater. This segment is about the seamless process of making your own RIATA and the business you support by purchasing one!

After getting in contact with Jill through her contact form and setting up her review, we quickly began a fierce dialogue of creative ebb and flow! Known for her flower arrangements and garden designs, the frequent HGTV guest star has made a name for herself through helping others express themselves in creative outlets. Her hat designs are no different.

Jill takes the time to get to know her clients, as a horse lover and human, in order to craft the most perfect headwear. The more insight given to Jill, the easier her creative mind gets going. After chatting with her for a bit, she digs through the web and quickly submits a plethora of tie options to choose from. But, what if they don’t hit the mark? Well, Jill doesn’t mind. She is simply over joyed at every opportunity to craft something for someone new! Sending inspiration or ties found online are the easiest ways to get the desired look and she will take care of any doable request. Once an idea is settled, because Jill is extremely professional, she will quickly contact, find, and order from any company, located anywhere. The loop is small and contact is frequently made but, the best communication is had through the designing phase. A hat comes to life with Jill’s touch like she has hundreds of times before. To see a personal design, a figment of imagination, a thought uniquely made, take physical shape, is such a fantastic feeling. Every RIATA is made out of collaboration, inspiration, and a whole lot of love. Changes can be made until the moment the beauty hits the box for shipping. The process is quick and easy. The hat is high quality and beautiful, forever you!

To be honest, I put Jill through the ringer for you guys. Difficult Etsy orders for materials, simple design with a lot of meaning, and picky changes right up to the bell. But, Jill was just as enthusiastic and excited as I was, start to finish. This hat is personal. I am simple, not flashy but, I have a little bit of subtle flair from time to time. This hat is commemorative. The turquoise buttons and gun metal zippers are in honor of my late grandfathers, one cowboy and one veteran. This hat is a reminder. The horse anatomy tie is a tribute and a token of the little girl that fell in love with taking care of animals. I may not have become a vet but, you can ask mine, you’d think I’m Pre-Vet, not working toward an MBA! This hat is everything I am in a beautiful design that Jill and I made together.

Making a RIATA is like making a friend that wants to know all about you and then you get a gift that perfectly sums up your personality. That’s my type of friends with benefits! Jill is exceptionally professional and incredibly genuine. Her passion for helping her clients fall in love is evident in her carefully created work and attention to detail. She herself is an AA rated amateur rider! So, she understands and loves the equestrian world just as must as each of her clients. In fact, you could easily win one of her hats at a show since many horse parks order them as grand prizes.


Take a look at RIATA Designs and get to collaborating with Jill. You won’t know how much you need it until you’ve taken your hat into every ring and to every show!


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