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Company Week: Socks That Talk


There is no hiding it. But, then again why would you want to? Dreamers and Schemers is the talk of the equine scene! Seems as though you can’t find a single rider without a pair of these fantastical and slightly magical socks. Expression and creativity in an otherwise uniform sport, its now been done! I went in depth with owner, Kristy Lake, to see how D&S managed to captivate buyers with such a unique equine concept.

After owning Dapple Gray, a small equine Boutique in Ontario, Canada, Kristy quickly realized that she had a slightly unhealthy obsession with adding fun socks into her shop’s stock. Once she started attending shows with her set up, her non-horsey, outside sourced foot wear became best sellers. Without much serious competition, slowly but surely, she began to create her own fabulous designs. Thus, giving birth to Dreamers and Schemers. In April of 2016, D&S hit the scene running and hasn’t slowed since. Custom, wholesale, and designs of sheer creative genius have kept the brilliant company on the rise. But, that is of little surprise! Kristy simply saw the need and took advantage of it by truly hitting the nail on the head! Let’s put it this way, Kristy made an excellent point in our interview: the trademark of a good entrepreneur is in their “hustle” and ability to “dream and scheme”! While consistently striving for the best, she came upon her two current types of comfortable and dreamy printable socks we have all come to know and love.

Party on the bottom socks, or “POTB”, are a uniquely and brilliantly designed boot sock for your show days. Trimmed with a black band and fabricated with thin knit material, these socks are ready to bring home first place without having you worry about your Pony Macaroni design peeking out. Thin, breathable, and anti-oops, trust any of the D&S designs to help you stand out while feeling your best. The premium boot sock is a touch thicker, a bit softer, and a hair more expensive. They are perfect for any weather and provide a little extra love for riders that need a little extra squish.

The premium boot sock is my personal favorite for the extra thickness. And I will admit it: I have picky toes! I have NO self control. I am “that” person; the one that can’t help but to rip off the shoe she is wearing to adjust her sock by two millimeters. Thankfully both sock types are super comfortable and practically seamless. Not to mention they are unbelievably cute. In fact, I couldn’t believe it! I was extremely hesitant at first, thinking that putting on the socks or washing would ruin the design. However, as you can clearly see, on or off, these bad boys are stunning and durable! No matter your size, you can be assured that your foot and calf will make you want to do a happy dance over the perfect fit, adorable design, and luxurious feel. You’ll also do another jig of pride when you wear your Yogacorn POTB socks, since, literally no one else will every have the same exact pair. That’s right, each and every D&S sock is made in small batches to ensure authenticity, accuracy, and that love goes into every pair. From stable to school to show ring, express your genuine self with designs that speak a thousand words about you!

Who knew buying a pair of socks could have so much behind it? Shop your style now!

Take a look here to see how I paired my D&S socks in #ROOTD segments!

High Rise Heaven

A Splash of Plaid

Falling into Transitions 

Kristy at D&S keep letting your socks do the talking! Can’t wait to see how they continue to bloom!


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