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Company Week: Got Romfh?

NEWS FLASH: ROMFH is everywhere! Well, I guess that isn’t a surprise if you are reading this, right? For the past year, I have been sporting ROMFH and all the equine brand has to offer. And boy, am I happy about that! Not only is ROMFH a standard here on Tailored Mane but, its making waves across the board and across the world. From struggle to the epitome of success, Laura and I talk breeches and so much more.

Washington native, Laura Romfh, was practically born in the saddle. From age two on, her exploration of the equine world developed her into a well-rounded rider and an admirer of riding fashion. From trails to eventing to dressage to show jumping, Laura came to intimately know all disciplines of riding, whether competitive or pleasure. Later, she attended Parsons School of Design which eventually led her to begin her journey with ROMFH at the ripe age of swenty-six. Laura, and I quote “starved” for the first three years after giving birth to the fledging company. But, her loyal retailing shops and happy customers allowed her to press on. Then, what every small shop hopes for, a big break. Dover picked up ROMFH and Laura went from not enough moving off the shelves to not getting enough product in. But, this is what she had been waiting for so, she hustled and made it all happen. Time and time again, when the situation gets sticky, her unrivaled support of delighted ROMFH buyers encourages her to continue on. Laura’s love for other people to fall in love with the brand, has not only brought her undoubtable creditability, but also a strong presence all over the world. From here in America to the big island of Australia to the smallest Asian countries, woman across the board have fallen in love and can’t get enough of ROMFH.

ROMFH was an accidental find for me about a year ago, back when I was doing the The Basic Breech Guide review on The Frugal Rhode. Talk about luck!! They landed the number one spot and continued on to be apart of numerous other reviews for me. Just trying them on I was in love. The more purply navy with a yoga legging fit…it was a match made in heaven. Luckily, all of her products are like that. Between the exquisite fit and the dramatic comfort, there are endless color options available for every style. Personally, the Sarafina and Isabella breaches are my two favorites depending on if I want a full or knee patch grip. For whatever reason, it seems as though ROMFH is the only brand that actually fits my booty and my waist perfectly. Its easy to feel confident in the saddle and around town with these on because you truly look as good as you feel! Periwinkle and Pewter are two of my current color favorites but, being real here, there isn’t a color that I would NOT take! They are all flattering and different making individuality easy as can be. In fact, take a look at all the ways ROMFH has rocked my world and the blog’s ROOTD segments!

In Love With ROMFH – Modestly Simple – Raining Romfh – Heart Of ShowingPreppy For PoniesUniquely MotivatedThe Sweet, The Casual, The ChicMore Of MantraThe AA StandardThe Fall Look BookROOTD #1 High Rise HeavenA Splash Of PlaidVines of Fashion – Special Editorial: Falling Into Transitions

At the end of the day, there aren’t enough kind words that I could say about Laura or ROMFH. If you’re looking for luxury, quality, style, fit, and comfort, ROMFH have you covered. Got ROMFH?

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