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Company Week: Barnes is BTR

Barnes Tack Room is a brand new tack company based out of San Diego, CA that is up and coming, ready to take over your tack room. Created by their personal artisans in Argentina, they use only the finest, buttery leathers to create luxurious tack for your fur baby. Barnes is quickly making their statement and attracting some very popular media influencers! Check out how they are full steam ahead.

A few months back, I connected with owner, Robert Barnes, for his media and market needs, since then it’s been a skyrocketing journey with the fresh new tack company. Robert, a life long polo player, created Barnes Tack Room, or BTR, with the female rider in mind and continues to redesign and create to benefit them. I like to say that BTR is the product of an American dream. From Argentina to Hawaii, Robert took his skills of management and knowledge of the equine world to develop a legacy that gives back. BTR strives to manufacture not only the finest products to retail, but also take those funds in order to assist horse rescues and sanctuaries; which peeked my interest.

Since joining the team, I have come to know the inner workings of the BTR company and their willingness to work for their customer’s needs. Robert manages the production while I run the public relations. Together, Barnes Tack Room is a small company, destined for big things! I take the information that followers submit, discuss the needs riders have, and submit ideas for changes that production would benefit from. It’s super interesting to be on both sides of a company, especially one that is progressive enough to work directly with riders to see that improvements should be made. Satisfaction of BTR customers is literally everything to Robert. You have a voice in what goes on regarding the manufactured design, the products themselves, and the look of the company.

Redesign and remake to create the best tack possible for the horses we love and trust. Each product I have laid my hands on (which would be all of them) have wowed me with its quality and buttery feel. Argentinian leather has been a favorite of mine since working with Majyk’s front boots. This leather is commonly found in high end sports cars proving the long term durability and exquisite comfort. Each bridle is hand crafted with little details that ooze of simplicity and elegance. I have each type, typically in the Dark Brown. Now, the Tobacco is the most supple straight out of the packaging. While the Bark Brown needs just a touch of working, and I really do mean a touch. Now, the saddles are equally dreamy! Grippy, supple, and pain free for both horse and rider. Not to mention they are an amazing fit every time! I’m not going to give to much away since I’ll be doing biweekly reviews of individual products for you all starting next week. So, stay tuned and get on the BTR brand!

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