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A Week Of Autumn: BioMane and Ecolicious

Happy Monday! It is just short of one year since Autumn came into my life and turn it right-side-up. Friday, I will tell you about our “origin story” but, for now, all this week will be filled with products that I know my baby girl loves! First two up are BioMane and Ecolicious, two brands that help her shine inside and out. I am a strong believer in spoiling your horse with grooming. If your horse feels good about the way they feel, they are going to be far more pleasant to be around and more willing to work with you.

BioMane came into our lives just about nine months ago. Shortly after I purchased Autumn, the big rains from last winter rolled in. Knowing absolutely nothing about her, I quickly learned that she HATES rain. Apparently, it makes her itchy beyond belief, causing her to scratch like a wild child. One of those rainy nights, I came to the barn to find her mane matted and her forelock a third of its original length. Safe to say, I spent an hour in the rain, angry and brushing out knots from a feral baby’s mane. It was like a toddler cut her own hair and I was mom devastated. After all, her mane was fabulous and made her look like the wild thing she was. After a bit of research, I decided to order BioMane and haven’t left them since! Customers are mainly in their market to grow length and thickness in their horse’s mane or tail quickly. However, it became something more than that to us. BioMane is all around extremely well balanced with its solid levels of amino acids, proteins, vitamins and nutrients. She also scarfs it down like it’s the last meal she may ever eat so, it must be very palatable. This combination made it perfect for my little babe to continue to grow, but this time, healthy and strong. Biomane helped her to shed her old, dull, nutrition-less coat and regrow a healthy, sparkling one right from the start. Her mane and tail, once dry and brittle, regrew lush and healthy. Quickly, I felt my wild, malnourished filly shed her old life physically while she transformed into a flourishing, well behaved little mare. Thanks to BioMane, she is at a good weight, exceptional health, has dapples, and a beautiful mane and tail.

Ecolicious is a fabulous organic, eco-friendly grooming brand that Autumn can’t get enough of. After a few failed experiences with other grooming companies, I decided to dig into my own pockets and purchase a number of items (see above) from them to test out. Organic, effective, and free of any nastiness, I felt great about using them. Deliciously fragrant, shine enhancing, and soothing, Autumn still can’t get enough. Between the Silky baths and Moisture Maniac mane and tail spray, Autumn’s coat has become ever the more glossy and her tail, easier to manage. Since Autumn is half Andalusian, she grows the thickest spirals I have ever seen on a horse. Luckily, all of the twists and turns are made straight and manageable through gentle brushing with amazing products. One funny thing about Autumn is that she asks me to itch where she can’t reach by pointing to the area she needs to be groomed. Booty scratches, tail itches, neck scrubs, and even utter cleanings are all in her list of demands. I oblige knowing that she is being treated with gentle products that are free of sulphates, silicones, and parabens, all while being bottles in 100% recycled materials. Ecolicious covers all of Autumn’s needs and soothes her itchy skin or dry floccules with its natural ingredients and fabulous scents.

Together, these two companies help to make Autumn look and feel healthy every day of her new life!

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