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A Week of Autumn: Incrediwear Equine

Injuries are every horse owner’s worst nightmare. They can quickly spiral out of control and cause long term damage. I have often found that trainers and riders alike will quite frequently still ride a horse that has tendon damage, possibly from a kick to a stall wall or a hematoma from knocking a rail during their last lesson. I have never been one to do this. A bump or a lump can mean nothing or everything to the over all health of the damaged tissues. I rather be safe than sorry. So, when Autumn decided to start kicking a metal fence divider, I decided to heal and protect where I could and she loves it.

Autumn has developed a very had habit since we brought her “little sister” home. Lila was once just horse aggressive and would randomly attack Autumn where now, she is possessive over me. Both aggressive behaviors mean that Autumn will often throw hissy fits, causing Lila to strike at her or throw her booty up at the gate. Autumn returns the kindness with one hard, swift kick at the fence. Now, the first time she did this, there was clearly a lot of pain. She doubled over and couldn’t put any pressure on her right hind. Stall rest. Thats all she got. I am not the biggest fan of icing and I was ill prepared for injuries at the time. Now, may I remind you, Autumn gets at between 3 and 6 hours of turn out a day. Stall rest and no games made the two-year-old mental. I needed a solution and quickly.

I had chatted with Dr. Jackson Corely, founder of Incrediwear and Incrediwear Equine, prior to Autumn’s shenanigans. However, nothing came of it other than knowing Incrediwear is something special. I did a lot of research before purchasing. I even made my dad a guinea pig their Human Ankle Sleeve in order to be sure that dropping $100 was logical. Long story short, the research was compelling and my dad was pain free so, I bought the Circulation Exercise Bandages. Please note: Autumn is two and I have patience but, not the patience of a saint. Autumn had never successfully worn polo wraps before so, when I tired to put her right wrap on, it was not the cutest moment for us. Dragging across the floor in a squat as she is trying to eat it…glorious. Anyway, I got it on and she went back to eating hay. An hour later I unwrapped her right hind and I was pleasantly surprised to find that her leg swelling had gone down significantly. We tried them two more times, for longer durations (2-3 hours) and the swelling was gone. During application those times, she was perfectly still, as if she knew they were going to hep her leg feel better.

Knowing is a lot of every decision we make. Science is something I take with a grain of salt most times (bad medical history) but, the studies were compelling even before I knew they were true. Results when you need them most through Bamboo Charcoal and Germanium Fibers, but how? The Bamboo Charcoal and Germanium Fibers are activated by body heat, sending out negative ions into the body and ramping up blood flow. Joint pain, swelling, inflation, fatigue, etc. the Incrediwear products work with your horse’s body to make it repair itself. Personally, I think thats fantastic. The idea and the proof is exceptional and it simply works. I would like to see additional products from them, such as recovery blankets, saddle pads, and horse “socks” to go under hard shell boots. Until then, I plan to get Autumn and Norm their standing/pillow wraps and the hoof circulation socks for Norman’s sensitive feet. Work with your horse’s body, not against it to get back to peek performance.

If Autumn loves them, I am sure your baby will too!

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